Saturday 29 October 2022

Simply Shoe Shop and Fancy Footwear Frames! #affiliate


I've been playing with 2 new die sets from Tonic Studios - The Simply Shoe Shop set and the fancy Footwear Frames die set. You can use both of these separately or together. The choice is yours :)

No two ways about it. I loved these 2 die sets! I started off with the intention of making 2-3 cards and talking a little bit about the other dies but enjoyed myself so much, not only did I make 5 cards, but I also made my own patterned paper for a pair of shoes! I hope this fires your imagination as it did mine :)

You can see how much I enjoyed them in my video here

I even made my own patterned paper for the leopard print high heels.

You can buy the sets here (affiliate links)

UK -


These dies are also perfect for making cards for the man/men in your life :)

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