Friday 1 April 2022

How to Make a Stamp Brush in Procreate (5.2.2) NEW VIDEO!

 Hello :)
Are there any Procreate app beginners out there?

If so, I have just posted an updated version of my "How to Make a Stamp Brush in Procreate" on my YouTube channel.

My first version of this video has constantly surprised me by getting so many views (well over 88,000 at the moment!) but it needed updated to keep up with the updates in the app.
It's really easy to follow so why not have a look and follow along

I'll be making more of these "for beginners" videos so feel free to leave a comment below the video to let me know what you'd like me to cover.
Special thanks to Linda Tucker for advice on backing up my past 2 years' work

Thanks so much for looking :) If you enjoy the video please don't forget to "like" it and subscribe to my channel :) If you hit the Notification Bell, you'll know when the next video is ready for you to watch :)


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