Sunday 20 March 2022

Tonic Studios Craft Kit Review and video link! - Wildflower Garden #affiliate

  Hello :) Today, I'm giving you a review of the Wildflower Garden Kit from Tonic Studios (No. 54, if you're counting!)

If you are completely new to the Tonic kits. they are released on the 20th of every month and contain a die set, stamps, card/paper and a bag full of Nuvo/Craft Perfect goodies.
The kits can be bought as a one off purchase but will be cheaper if you subscribe. Subscribers also have the added bonus of being able to use the TCK code to get 10% off every purchase from the Tonic website!

These are my affiliate links to the kit 

You can also see my video showing how to make the card on the right and the tag here - 

The Wildflower Garden Craft contains the following
Gates and Garden Die Set
Gates and Gardens Stamp Set
Classic Card - Avocado Green 
Classic Card -  Pine Tree Green
Mirror Card - Glossy Black
Mirror Card - Holly Green
Mirror Card - Pink Chiffon
Iridescent Mirror Card - Firestone Red
Pearlescent Card - Onyx Black
Pearlescent Card - Lemon Lustre
Patterned A4 Sheets kit 54- Wildflower Garden
A6 Cards Blanks and Envelopes - Bright White
Aqua Flow - Arabian Nights
Pure Sheen Glitter - Purple Glitter
Crystal Drop - Pink Orchid
Mini Embellishment Mousse - Indian Gold
Mini Crystal Glaze - Clear
Dual Ended Blender Brush
Craft Kit Wallet
Craft Kit Binder
Craft Kit Sticker

Here's a closer look at the Nuvo products in this kit!

The first thing you'll notice is that there are several arched windows and gates which can be used together in several different combinations.

The top left die can be used on its own to create an arched aperture in the card and you will also have the die cut from the centre to attach to your card.

The top right die has a combination of cutting and scoring lines which create a centre opening window/gate.

The bottom left die is a "verso" die which cuts the window into your card, 
The bottom right die cuts the top shape completely out and leaves shutters below.

The decorative gate/ shutter dies can be used with the die cut shown to create a beautiful wrought iron look gate/ shutter. This would look fantastic in silver or black mirror card!

The longer decorative dies can be used with the long shutter.

This die takes on a completely different look when it's cut from the Glossy Black Mirror Card in the kit!

I loved the idea of adding a little blind behind the window (you will need to add a piece of acetate first)
and here's how you can make one.
1. Cut a piece of the double sided patterned paper from the kit to 8cm x 11cm and score at 4cm, 5cm, 8cm and 9cm.

2. Crease all the score lines with a bone folder.

3. Turn the blind over and add a tiny piece of double sided tape into the centres of the folded sections to hold them down.

4. Attach double sided tape to the top and sides on the right side of the blind and attach these to the card behind the acetate. 

In the card above, with the blind, and the card below with the window and shutters, you can see how you can add different combinations of flower pots (both stamped and die cut) with foliage and flowers to the window /gate scene.

Another idea is to add a stamped sentiment behind the shutters.

...and don't forget that the foliage dies can look awesome in mirror card! 

The finished card.

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