Wednesday 11 March 2020

Wooden Shapes and Pebeo Fantasy Paints

 These are Wooden Deco Shapes which have foam outlines and I have poured Pebeo Fantasy Moon and Prisme Paints into the inner shapes to decorate .

I have used the following - 


Wooden Deco Shape - Mermaid (H18cm) Product code 791956

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Eggshell White and Buttercup (Hair)
Pebeo Prisme Turquoise and Caribbean Blue : Moon Emerald (Body)
Vitrail Pearl and Pink (face and arms) 


 Wooden Deco Shape - Turtle (H10cm) Product code 791958

Pebeo Fantasy Moon Pearl, Gold mixed with Vitrail Sand (head and feet)
Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Emerald ( with Gold Moon for shell)


 Wooden Deco Shape - Seahorse (H18cm) Product code 791957

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme, Onyx and Pebeo Fantasy Moon, Pearl

I've shown the mermaid and seahorse below with a coordinating cotton bag which I have coloured. 

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