Monday 16 March 2020

Rabbits and Heart Wall Hanging

 I've combined a cute little row of wooden bunnies with a large MDF heart to create a wall hanging with a spring feel to it.

Showing the scale :)

You will need:
MDF Heart (50cm x 40cm)  Product Code 56745
Create Craft Wooden Bunnies 11x30x 2cm
Plaid Folk Art Stencil 6x6 stencil - Cherry Blossom (PC13224)
Create Craft Flax Twine
Acrylic paint - blue , white, light pink, dark pink, brown, green, yellow, grey, black
Dovecraft Crafters Glue (not in pic)
Dovecraft Pom Poms (not in pic)

To make it:
 1. Paint the top part of the heart pale blue.

 2. Stipple white clouds.

 3. Paint the bottom of the heart green and add some grass effects.

 4. Stencil on the cherry blossoms at both sides, adding deep pink shading to the flowers.

 5. Stencil some blossoms in the centre.

 6. Paint the rabbits.

7. Add some shading.

8. Glue to the plaque.

9. Glue the pompoms to the rabbits. Paint daisies on the grass.
Attach the flax twine at the top to hang up.

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