Sunday 17 February 2019

Decorating a set of wooden flower pots with Folk Art multi surface paint and stencils

These cute little painted flower pots would make a lovely gift for Mother's Day.

You will need:
3 wooden flower pots (Empress Tree 576260) Folk Art Multi surface paint - Wicker White, Green Sea, Bark Brown, Apple Red Wooden hearts 57505 Folk Art Mini Stencils -
59813 Fairy Signs 60953 Fairies and Mushrooms 59794 Garden lollipop sticks 564762 string Dot and Dab Tacky Glue Hot glue gun

 1. Paint the flower pots and tray with the Wicker White paint.

 2. Use the Sea Green and Bark Brown to stencil the patterns onto the flower pots.

 3. Paint around the tops of the flower pots and tray with Sea Green.

4. Add red dot details to the stencilled images and a band of string around the top of the flower pots and tray.

5.  Attach three hearts to lollipop sticks with hot glue and paint the tops white. Stencil "sprout", "grow" and "bloom" with the 3 other paint colours. Add a string bow under each heart.

6. Add foliage and pop the hearts into the flower pots.

You can see a more detailed video on YouTube showing how to make these.

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