Saturday 3 September 2016

Demo today at Craftworld, Belfast - thanks :)

 Some of the ladies who came along to Craftworld today.
Thanks very much to Gillian and "the girls" for having me and to everyone who came along for the demo. It was a totally chilled day with lovely company and hopefully you all enjoyed seeing what I was making.
Every time I looked to my left I wondered what side of the border I was on as I'm more used to seeing Mirza in Dublin, but it was really good to have her up here today :)
 Yvonne and Catherine

 Rachael and Angela....and Cathy

 Patrick had the right idea!


 with my "wee chum" Rachael :)

Caroline and Angela


 The cards I made today

I was also using the fabulous Plaid Sheer paint - on glass, wood and paper.  I left them aside for the paint and glitter to dry and forgot to take photos but I'll be doing a blog post very soon featuring some of the things which you can do with these paints.

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  1. What wonderful cards you have made I really love the envelopecard with the red flower in the middle. You are a great inspiration.
    Love from Sweden and Eva


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