Tuesday 30 August 2016

Ould Lammas Fair, Ballycastle

 Dulse and Yellow Man - staples of  the Ould Lammas Fair :)
I hadn't been to the Ould Lammas Fair for about 30 years but my lasting memory is the Dulse (seaweed) and Yellow Man (a chewy textured honeycomb) so I had to have some yesterday. 

This is the area at the back of the fair where the horse trading takes place.

The centre of the fair area always attracts a large crowd, apparently.

We arrived quite late in the afternoon as we were busy in the morning and had a picnic on the way, then sat in a traffic jam for over an hour trying to get into Ballycastle. I'm kind of glad we went but I think it might be a long time before I'd go back. I do love Ballycastle  but I love peace and quiet, scenery and animals in their natural environment. I enjoyed the rest of the evening better when we toured around the coast on the way home .

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