Monday 22 August 2016

Killusty Crafts - a big thanks :)

Lorraine, Zara and Zoe.
A great big thanks to Lorraine for inviting me to Killusty Crafts, Co. Tipperary last weekend and for looking after us so well and I have to also must thank Lorraine's mum, Margaret for all her lovely baking and Richard for making all the scrummy sandwiches.
I couldn't believe how much Zoe and Zara have grown since my last visit ( they probably thought the same about me lol!)

Special thanks too, to everyone who made the journey to  the shop and spent the day with us. I'm so grateful that I get to meet so many lovely people while I'm working. It was lovely to have the opportunity to spend some time over lunch to get to know some of you better and to catch up with "old" friends :)
So, here's a selection of photos of the day - looks like you all enjoyed yourselves :)

 Breda and Liz

 Kay, Joan


 Phil, Phil

 David and his buddy, Margaret.


 Amy and Zoe

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