Monday 14 December 2015

Poor cat - new bed under my craft area

Just had to show you this - we got a new bed for our little "stray" and she seems to love it - the only downside is that she likes to be under where I work so she gets covered in scraps from double sided tape! It's not long ago since this would have freaked her out but now she hardly even notices :)


  1. Oh bless her. She obviously feels safe when she is near you and will put up with the scraps falling on her just to know you are nearby and care... HAPPY CHRISTMAS Ruth xxxxx

  2. "Welcome to my world". My 17-year old bundle of fun and fur has just appeared, looking for some attention/food. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, and the cat (what's her name?) doesn't try to play with the baubles on the Christmas tree like ours used to to!


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