Tuesday 24 November 2015

Winter home for our little stray

Update on our little stray cat....she likes to come indoors to the kitchen and lie beside me while I work but always wants to go outside to sleep. We were worried about the colder weather and managed to get her to sleep in a box, then changed that to a cosy cat bed when she got used to that area. It's sheltered from the wind and rain (and snow!) but we wanted something warmer. 
Solution - the little cosy cat bed is inside this plastic box and the area between the box and bed has polystyrene for warmth. She loves it! She can still sit there and watch all the comings and goings at the back of the house :)


  1. What a wonderful idea.
    You are such caring people and it is so nice to see the updates.

  2. Great idea for the cat Ruth, xxxx

  3. Like the candle holders Ruth, and so glad you have found a happy solution for your little stray. I hope she relents and stays in the kitchen as the weather closes in.


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