Tuesday 3 November 2015

Making "Milk Cartons" with Santoro 2 papers by Trimcraft

 The beautiful Santoro 2 papers by Trimcraft come in 3 different sizes - 6 x 6, A4 and 12 x 12  and I have used a page from each of the pads to make a different sized "milk carton" for holding gifts or treats. I have shown how to make the 12 x 12 size and decorate it with Santoro 2 coordinating embellishments but I have also added the templates for the two other sizes at the bottom.

To make the 12 x 12 carton you will need:
 Santoro 2 paper pad - 12  x12 
Santoro 2 Dragonfly ribbon
Santoro 2 dies
Santoro 2 A5 Glitter Stickers
Santoro 2 Paper Bows
Santoro 2 Paper Flowers
Santoro 2 Adhesive Pearls

Dovecraft A4 Silver Mirror card
Dovecraft Crafters Glue

Die cutting machine

How to make it:

 1. This it s the template for the 12 x 12 carton. 

 2. Score along all the lines shown and cut the areas which are shown in this photo. Fold the score lines.

 3. Spread glue over the bottom right tab as shown.

 4. Attach this glued part to the inside of the next tab to the left.

 5. Repeat until all tabs are glued together.

 6. Spread glue along the long side tab and glue together.

 7. Squeeze the straight sides together at the top.

 8. Add a ribbon around the top with a bow.
(I have used an elastic band below the ribbon for extra security)

 9. Attach a glitter sticker to the front.

 10. Die cut the frame with silver mirror card and glue on top of the glitter sticker. Glue paper flowers at the bottom right and add a few adhesive pearls. Snip off the tails from the paper bow and glue the bow to the top of the frame. Glue the tails in at each side.

This is the template for using the A4 paper

I have used the Santoro 2 lace ribbon and a Santoro 2 metal charm to embellish this one.

This is the template for using the 6 x 6 paper 

I have used a Printed Mini Peg, 2 glitter stickers, adhesive pearls and an Epoxy Brad to embellish this little carton.

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