Tuesday 1 September 2009

Winner of the stamps

Sorry this post is so late, but better late than never!
Without further ado, the winner of the free stamps is Kathleen.
So if you could please email me your address and which stamps you would like I'll post asap!
Sorry I can't stop to blog hop as I've had a manic few days and am trying to get my head back together! I hope to visit you all tomorrow,Ruth x


  1. Congratulations Kathleen and huge thanks Ruth for offering the candy :)

    Carol x

  2. Can't believe that I won. Have emailed you.
    Thanks Ruth for the lovely candy.
    Kathleen x

  3. Congrats Kathleen...now for the hard part.. which one.

  4. I thought it was me then for a second!! Congrats other Kathleen!

    this Kathleen xx


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