Thursday 28 July 2022

Make a "Memories to Cherish" Memory Book (Tonic Birthday Special!) #affiliate

Welcome to the “Memories to Cherish” My Memory Book die set. This collection contains 42 dies spread over 2 packed sets!! It can be used to create 5 different sizes of books, including Tonic’s biggest book to date!!
These are my affiliate links to the die set

You will have all the dies you need to make the base, spine and decoration and it also contains dies to make a little waterfall!

I have made 3 different sizes of books with the set 

and you can see how to make the largest and the smallest in my video here – 

In this Step by Step tutorial I will take you through the process of making a medium sized book with various pages and pockets.

The 2 large die sets!

Making a Memory Book –


You will need the following Tonic Studios products (affiliate links)

Memories to Cherish Die Sets

UK - USA -


UK - USA -

Craft Perfect A4 Smooth White Card, 300gsm

UK -


Beautiful Memories 12 x 12 paper pad

UK –


Craft Perfect Princess Pink A4 Pearlescent Card

UK - 

USA - 

Craft Perfect Sweet Pink Double Face Satin 3mm Ribbon

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Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive

UK – USA -



Let’s Make the Book

1. Use the 17cm x 13.75cm die to cut out the front and back covers of the book, placing the front cutting edge at the edge of the card. Cut out a spine. 

2. Cut the spine to 10.5cm long and burnish the score lines in as shown. Adhere both the mountain fold together with hi tack tape or wet glue.

3. The finished spine.

4. Cut the ends of the covers from the A4 card leaving 3cm on each. Score and fold as shown and glue together to form a cover.

NB If you want more pages, you can cut these covers with extra card on the open edge and add another spine beside the first one.

5. Glue the spine into the inside of the covers.

6. Die cut 6 of the slightly smaller layering dies to create pages. Glue one to the inside front cover and one to the inside back cover. Create a page by gluing 2 die cuts together leaving one short side free from glue. Add glue down both sides of one of the page connectors in the spine and position the double -sided page over it. Repeat with the other page.

7. Die cut pink mats and patterned paper layers for the covers and glue in place. Add a 2.5cm x 10cm strip of pink card with a 2cm x 9.5cm layer of patterned paper on top to the spine. Die cut the sentiment from white card and glue onto a pink die cut backing plate. Glue to the bottom right of the book front.

Page 1.

Using the dies shown, adhere a pink mat. Then attach a 2.5cm x 10.5cm strip of patterned paper to a 3cm x 11cm strip of pink card and attach this down the centre of the page with hi tack tape at the top and bottom. Create tags with the smaller dies on the left.

Page 2.

Using the dies shown, adhere a patterned paper mat.

Glue patterned paper onto white card and die cut with the die shown. Then move the die up and die cut over the top line again to create a smaller shape. You will feel the holes in the die to line this up when you place the die over the top for the second cut.

Attach the sides and bottom to the page with glue/hi tack tape and make a tag with the bottom two dies in the photo.

Page 3.

Using the dies shown cut and glue a patterned paper mat onto the page.

Die cut the small pink shape with the slits and thread a 7mm x 10.5cm strip of white card through the slits before gluing the top and bottom of the strip to the page.

Create a tag and slip in behind the strip.

Page 4.

Using the dies shown die cut a white waterfall piece and strip. Burnish all the score lines well. Thread the strip through the slits in the main piece. Die cut 4 white shapes and 4 patterned paper panels. Glue together.

Fold the waterfall piece in two where the notches are at the sides. Glue the tabs and attach this to the centre of the page.

Glue the tops of the patterned pieces below each of the burnished score lines and add a ribbon loop at the bottom.

Page 5.

Using the dies shown on the left, firstly cover the page with a patterned paper mat. Then turn the large die 90 degrees and cut a white pocket (cut in half) Use the smaller die shown to cover with patterned paper.

Use the dies at the top of the photo to create a tag, cutting off the patterned paper to keep it symmetrical.  

Page 6

Using the dies shown, add a pink panel to the page.

Leave a tab of card on one of the smaller white die cuts and cut it off the other.

Add glue to the inside of the tab and glue to the back of the second panel to create a small card.

Add a patterned paper panel to the front of the card.

Using the 2 dies on the right, make a little fold over tab. Score down the side to create the tab.  

Glue the tab of the smaller panel in behind the “card” and glue to the page.

Glue a patterned paper circle to a white card circle and attach to the large “card” with a 3D foam pad on one side. It will act as a closure for the smaller flap.

Don’t forget that you can add as many pages and photos tags etc as you like.

When you’re using a large 12 x 12 paper pad, remember to be creative and fussy cut lots of elements from the paper to glue onto your tags.

Lastly, but most importantly….enjoy 😊

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  1. I will follow your instructions when I get my die. Thank you so much for the instructions. I'll let you know how it turns out. :-)


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