Thursday 2 June 2022

Make an Elegant Ascot Gift Box #affiliate


The beautiful Elegant Ascot Showcase die set contains 35 dies which you can use to create a gorgeous hat-box inspired gift box.

These are my affiliate links to the set

You can see my video here 

where I show you how to make a different box and explain how some of the dies can be used for making cards

To make this gift box you’ll need the following Tonic products

Elegant Ascot Gift Box de set

Craft Perfect Classic Card, Ivory

Craft Perfect Smooth Card, Ivory (for handles)

Craft Perfect Speciality Paper, Marshmallow Pink

Silver Mirror Card

Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive

Craft Perfect Ribbon, Glacier grey 9mm and Sweet Pink 3mm

Tangerine Die Cutting Machine

Let’s get started!

1. Die cut 2 large circles and 3 smaller circles from ivory card and a smaller circle from Marshmallow Pink Paper.

2. Die cut 2 ivory lid skirts, 2 ivory lid tabs and 2 Marshmallow Pink Stitched Strips.

3. Fold in the side tabs on both of the lid tab dies, add glue and attach to one of the large circles. Align the score lines at the ends of the tabs and attach the second tab in the same way.

4. Glue the second large circle on top to cover the glue tabs

5. Glue the pink paper to the lid skirts and shape with a bone folder.

6. Glue these to the lid tabs.

7. Glue the pink circle to a small ivory circle. 


8. Glue this to the top of the lid.

9. Die cut 2 large side panels from ivory card and 2 pink decorative panels.

10. Glue these together and shape with a bone folder.

11. Attach these to a small ivory circle in the same way as you made the lid.

12. Cut 2 ivory stitched strips and glue around the top of the gift box.

13. Glue a smaller ivory circle to the base of the box to cover the glue tabs.

14. Die cut 2 handles from the ivory smooth card, and 3 strap joins from silver card.

15. Attach the 2 handle die cuts together by folding the tabs at one end of each through the strap join.

16. Fold the tabs back and glue in place.

17. Glue a strap join on the back to cover the glue tabs. Glue the other one on the front.

18. Die cut 8 Handle Swivels, 6 Handle axles and 4 Handle Clasps.

19. Glue 3 handle axles together and then glue onto a handle swivel, aligning the slits. Repeat.

20. Glue 2 handle clasps together. Repeat.

21. Place a handle clasp on top and add glue to the top of the axle (NB not on the handle clasp)

22. Glue another handle clasp on top.

23. Fold back the tab at one end of the handle and glue into the handle clasp.

Repeat. Glue the remaining handle clasps on the back and front of the others as before to cover the glue tabs on the handle.


24. This is how the handle should look now.

25. Glue the handle clasps to each side of the lid.

26. Use the small circle die with the patterned die to cut out a patterned circle and glue to the lid of the box.


27. Wrap a length of ribbon around the gift box and glue a bow on top.

28. Use the dies shown to die cut a tag and attach to the handle with pink ribbon.

28. Use the dies shown to die cut a tag and attach to the handle with pink ribbon.



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