Sunday 26 December 2021

How to Make a Cuckoo Clock - Tonic Studios Die Set (affiliate)

The Cuckoo Clock Die Set from Tonic's Showcase Collection makes the most adorable 3D ........Cuckoo Clock!  It can be used as a gift box with either a top or bottom opening. It brought back so many memories of many lovely holidays in Switzerland and the Black Forest and I couldn't wait to get started. 

These are my affiliate links to the die set

I made a dark clock, using shades of brown card to resemble an actual wooden clock (like the one we were given as a present by a lovely German family who came to stay with us) and two other variations on that and you can see how I made them in my video here - 

However, for this blog post, I thought I'd add a burst of colour!

You will need;
Cuckoo Clock Die Set
Craft Perfect Card - Ivory, Rose Pink, Gold Mirror, Avocado Green, Misty Grey
Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive
Party Pink Crystal Drops

How to Make it:

1. Die cut 2 of each of the dies shown (sides, back and front) from Ivory card.. Fold at the score lines and burnish.

2. Use both dies shown to create 2 patterned panels from Rose Pink card and glue to the centres of the side panels.

3. Die cut the plain outer die from Rose Pink card and glue to the back of the clock. Use all 3 dies together to cut out the panel for the clock front. Glue both die cuts to the front and back panels.

4. Use the small arched die to create the doors. Cut out the cuckoo from Misty Grey card and glue behind the aperture.

5. Die cut an Ivory circle for the clock face. Use the same die with the slightly larger scalloped die to cut out a gold clock frame and the small die shown at the bottom right to cut out gold clock hands.

6. Glue these pieces in place.

7. Cut off the piece shown from one side panel, then glue the panel to the back of the clock using the glue tabs.

8. Glue the other side on in the same way, gluing the tabs together at the top.

9. Glue the front in place in the same way.

10. Die cut an Ivory window and shutters. and a little fence. Die cut 2 pieces of Avocado Green Ivy and glue in place.

11. Die cut 3 of the roof tile shapes from Rose Pink card. Fold one and burnish the fold line well. Glue to the top of the clock, only adding glue along the top edge. Snip the other 3 in half and glue the tiles onto the roof, tucking the bottom edges in below the tiles above.

12. Die cut the foliage from Avocado Green and glue to the side panel. Die cut one of each of the flowers from Ivory card, shape with an embossing tool, glue together and glue on top of the foliage. Add a Crystal Drop in the centre.

13. Die cut 2 pieces of Avocado Green ivy. Snip a little off to shorten and glue to the front of the clock as shown


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