Saturday 31 July 2021

Aroma Drops - NEW from Tonic Studios (affiliate)

Hello :) I absolutely love today's new product launch from Tonic Studios!! They are called Aroma Drops and actually smell so much better than I could describe. 

These are my affiliate links to the Drops

When I opened each bottle and the beautiful aroma filled the room, I couldn't wait to use them. They smell exactly as the names on the bottles suggests! They are Strawberry Tart, Blueberry Smoothie, Vanilla Cupcake and Damask Rose. I suddenly felt very creative and decided to go along with the names....
You could of course use them just like normal Crystal drops but I thought they were too special for that!

You can see my video here

Strawberry Tart!  I used the die which was intended for the door from the new Delightful Dresser set to make the lattice pastry! It's all in my video :)

Vanilla Cupcake

Damask Rose

Blueberry Smoothie


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