Friday 28 May 2021

Using Pebeo Ultimate Pouring Medium (Promotion)

Hello again :)

Today I have a video on my YouTube channel showing you through the contents of the Pebeo Ultimate Pouring Discovery Set and some other Pebeo products which can be used with it. Inside the Ultimate Pouring boxes there is a link to a comprehensive video by Nancy Wood showing the "recipe" for using the paints in the set to create some fabulous paint effects. However, I have shown in this video the consistency which we are aiming for to use the Pouring Medium and Catalyst with other brands of paint. I have used the elements brand which is quite a bit thicker than Pebeo paint so it had to be thinned down before proceeding with the recipe in the video link. The same principle applies to whatever brand of paint you wish to use. You should create a consistency of thin custard before adding the pouring medium.

A little experimentation is required but it's fun to watch the results! Enjoy :)

These products were sent to me to try out but the opinions shared are my own


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