Saturday 7 November 2020

What have we got? - Washi Tape (plus video)

 I have just published the first video on my YouTube channel in another little mini series which I'm calling "What have we got?" In these videos I'll be sharing some ideas to use up some of the craft stash which you may already have. Just by using new ideas with a little bit of older stash you can give it new life!

See below for the video - you can watch on YouTube

Today I'm sharing some uses for washi tape :)
I show lots of washi tape ideas at the start of the video and make a card using several different tapes at the end. I hope you enjoy it.

I have used washi tape on borders, to create panels which I have then die cut, created backgrounds. In the video I show how to make the card in the centre of the photo above.

These are ideas for washi tape which I created a while ago for a magazine. In the video I show you the cards and outline the washi tape ideas :)


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