Friday 9 August 2019

Pebeo Resin Christmas Decorations

I have used Gedeo Crystal Resin and Christmas Moulds from Pebeo.

A few points to remember - 
1. Have fun! It's simple and the results are wonderful!
2. Measure carefully and mix thoroughly.
3. Do not try to release the moulds between layers to check the progress as the next batch of resin may seep down the sides and some may get onto the front of your piece. I know this because I tried it!!
4. Just be patient and enjoy. 

1. Mix up the resin following the directions on the box.
I used 10 ml of resin and 5 ml of hardener to start with and then made up more for the next layers.
Make sure to mix thoroughly for 3 - 5 minutes - this is VERY important!
Gently pour into the mould and set aside overnight .

 To make the Star with Dovecraft Christmas Tales puffy sticker in the centre follow the next steps

 2. Carefully place the puffy sticker face down in the mould on top of the hardened layer of resin.

 3. Make up another small batch of resin and pour on top. Cover with a layer of fine glitter.
Set aside overnight to harden a little then cover with another layer of resin with a little gold paint and glitter added. Set aside to harden. Depending on the thickness of the resin, this may take 24 hours, or even slightly more. Mix glitter with another tiny batch of rein and add a final thin layer.

4. Set aside and leave to harden completely for at least 24 hours. Do not remove from the mould until it is completely dry and not tacky.

5. Add a loop of twine, some jingle bells and a ribbon bow.

To make the holly  and berries...

Gedeo Christmas Moulds
Crystal Resin
Red Glitter 
Apple Green Vitrail

 1. Mix a little resin with red glitter and carefully place into the berry shapes in the mould. Set aside to harden a little. Mix some green Vitrail into a little resin and pour into the leaves. Leave to harden overnight/ 24 hours then demould.

Christmas Present

Gedeo Christmas Moulds
Crystal Resin
Red Glitter

 1. Mix red glitter with the resin and carefully pour into the bow and star shapes in the mould.
Set aside to cure a little and then add a layer of clear crystal resin.. Leave to cure (at least 24 hours) Remove from mould and add twine.

Resin reindeer
Gedeo Christmas Moulds
Crystal Resin
Red Glitter, twine, silver pearls, red bow

 1. Place the pearls into the eyes.  Add a little red glitter to the resin and carefully pour into the nose and bow. Pour some of the green Vitrail and resin mixture into the box.Set aside overnight to cure and then add a layer of clear Crystal resin. Leave for at least 24 hours to cure completely and demould. Add a bow, and twine. 

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