Monday 11 March 2019

Easter ring - tutorial. YouTube tutorial

I've painted some polystyrene eggs and added them to a ring as a decoration for Easter.
See bottom of post for link to YouTube tutorial.

 You will need:
Paper Raffia (Art no. 503222
Polystyrene ring (outer size 21.5cm Art no. 54318)
Plaid Folk Art Chalk Paint - Bavarian, Glacier and Lilac
Folk Art Multi Surface paint - Bark brown
Sequin ribbon  - PU APLR
Wooden Mushrooms - Art no. 56519
White Glitter Foam Clay
Polystyrene eggs
Flax twine
Mixed feathers Art no. 51661/1
Dovecraft wooden craft sticks
Hot glue gun
Tacky Glue

 1. Wrap the wreath in raffia and add a length of sequin ribbon. Secure at the back with hot glue.

2.  Push the eggs onto the wooden craft sticks and paint with the chalk paint.

3. Add speckles with the Bark Brown

 4. Tie together with twine and glue to the ring.

 5. Add a twine bow and glue the wooden mushrooms to the centre of the ring.

 6.  Glue short pieces of twine below the mushrooms . Add dots of white foam clay to the tops of the mushrooms. Then paint another 3 eggs as before and glue to the opposite side of the wreath.

7. Add a double twine loop at the top for hanging.

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  1. Love what you have done here Ruth. The whole wreath looks fabulous, and I love the little mushrooms too. Hugs Rita xxx


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