Tuesday 15 January 2019

Valentine's Day treat boxes - tutorial

This double heart box opens to show a little tray inside which can be filled with chocolate etc :)

You will need
Create Crafts Double Heart Box 26539
Plaid Folk Art Titanium White Multi Surface Paint
Jute string
Create Craft Heart Shaped Doilies 9cm (20964)
Matt Mod Podge
Dovecraft Red Felt DCFL024
Dovecraft Green Felt DCFL020
Red Thread
Dot and dab Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Happy Moments Wedding Deco Rhinestone Hearts 28435
Simply Creative Butterfly die SCDIE070
Simply Creative 3mm silver gems

To make it

 1. Paint the boxes with the white multi surface paint.

 2. Glue 3 rows of jute string around the tops of the hearts.

 3. Using the Matt Mod Podge, glue three layers of doilies to the hearts. (The three layers adds dimension and definition). 

 4. Cut 2 strips of red felt to fit around the centres of the hearts and attach with the glue gun.

 5. Crochet (or plait) 2 lengths of jute string to fit around the centres of the boxes.

 6. Attach the string with the glue gun and add the  Rhinestone hearts to the tops of the boxes.

 7. Make 4 felt flowers. To make each flower, cut out 5 x 3.5cm diameter circles .

 8. Cut these in half.

 9. Overlap these and sew together as shown. Pull the thread slightly to gather a little.

10. Start at one end and roll up tightly gluing together with the hot glue. Repeat to make 4 roses.

11. Cut 6 green leaf shapes. Glue 3 leaves and 3 roses to the top right of the right box and glue 3 leaves and 1 rose to the left top of the left box. Die cut 2 white butterflies and glue one to each box with gems in the centres. 

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