Tuesday 10 July 2018

Lough Neagh, Antrim

We used a hospital appointment in Antrim this morning as an excuse for a short trip to Lough Neagh. Each of these photos were taken only a short distance from the car :) We even managed to have lunch in the Castle grounds :)

You can find this beautiful path at the bottom of the carpark at Lough Shore Park, Antrim. Turn in from the main road and follow to the end of the carpark and to the left of the new Finn McCool sculpture.
This area has been developed quite a bit since then and there are new little jetties being built and almost completed. The path is to the left of the area where the jet skis usually are in summer.

In this photo you can see the end of the of the jetty with the old torpedo test platform in the background to the right

Clotworthy House Gardens

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