Monday 24 April 2017

50 years of Ulsterbus

We were passing the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum on Saturday when we noticed a lot of vintage buses in the car park. David was keen to see them so we turned back and parked. It was the end of a rally celebrating 50 years of Translink Ulsterbus and was really interesting.

 I really felt my age when I saw this one! I travelled every day during term time for seven years to school on a bus exactly like this one!

 The old City Bus from my teenage years :)

 The driver of this brand new Airport Express let us on board  - super modern inside with USB ports in the seats etc.

 This little miniature bus was driven around the car park by a man inside - I'm not sure how he got in there but I did see him getting out to stretch his legs:)

 The presentation ceremony for the worthy winners  - cups and shields presented by the CEO of Translink - Chris Conway.

There's a great little video HERE with interesting clips from over the years including the famous Mr. Heubeck whose name we heard so often in thew news at the time when he carried suspect parcels off the buses.

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