Saturday 6 February 2016

Demo at Easons, O'Connell Street, Dublin - thanks :)

I'm about to clock off for the evening and have an early night- but just before I do I want to say a great big Thanks to everyone ( ladies and gentlemen!) who came along to my demo in Easons, O'Connell Street, Dublin today. 
I've cobbled together some photos from today - not exactly who took some of them but I did pinch a couple from Ann Geraghty's FB page and one from Margaret Flattery!
Of course not everyone who came along is in the photos but it was lovely to see you nonetheless..Margaret and Mam, Karen, Dennis, Shirley, Paulette and the others whose names I didn't know.

Thanks to Catherine and Arlyn for the beautiful cards :)

As you know I'm pretty useless at taking photos of cards in shop light and some of the photos of the cards I made today weren't even worth posting here  (photos I said, not cards!) so I left a couple out.

Lastly, for anyone who is asking, we managed to get out safely and away from the rumpus which broke out in O'Connell Street just as we were leaving.

Mai, Lily, Ann, Catherine,Olive,Marie, Marie,Rita and Annette.

Annette and Mirza

Mai, Olive, Lily, Shirley,Arlyn, Milly and Lu

Margaret, Marie, Lu,and Milly

Some of the cards I made today

Pocket card - Mulberry Kisses paper

 Love Story paper

 Moroccan Spice paper  - Card  front

Moroccan Spice  - inside card

Sail Away 3D card

 Love Story papers

 Love Story papers

 Moroccan Spice card from 12 x 12 paper with band (front)

  Moroccan Spice card from 12 x 12 paper with band (inside)

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