Thursday 7 January 2016

Getting a little update from Winsor and Newton

 I had a lovely morning yesterday as part of a small group in Dublin getting brought up to date with all the latest news on Winsor and Newton's markers with one of their demonstrators - lovely way to start the year!

 I was really glad to hear that my firm favourites  - Promarkers - have only been changed on the outside by the rebranding. I've been using these for years now and always have them close to hand. I love demonstrating them around the country too and I'm looking forward to doing more of that soon again.

 The original Flexmarkers have been rebranded as the new Brushmarkers - they have the same vibrancy and finish as the Promarkers but have a lovely brush nib at one end instead of the bullet tip.

We got to try out the new Water Colour Markers - the professional artists in the group were especially delighted with these.

The new Pigment Markers looked fantastic and gave wonderful results - with colour fastness guaranteed for 100 years!!


  1. Wow I love Promarkers! I will be keeping an eye out for these! Thank you for showing them! Hugs Julie xox

  2. Oh wonderful morning for you....the watercolour markers appeal to me....just wish we had a good art supplier in the province......Bradbury Graphics is sorely missed but having said that they had a pathetic selection of Copics anyhow...they were always 'getting them in' but they never arrived....any information on a good art shop would be welcome.

    1. Hi Joyce, Bradbury Graphics are still there - just a couple of dsoors from where they alwasy were but they don't sell craft stuff any more. However they do sell these markers :)


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