Saturday 23 August 2014

Thanks- Art and Hobby demo today

Well, that was a lovely day!Thanks a million to all the ladies who came along to my demo at Art and Hobby, Swords today. It was great to see you all and good news to hear that some of you will be coming to my later demos at Dundrum and Blanchardstown, Jervis Street and even up as far as Letterkenny :)
It was really lovely to see Maria again (honestly!) and to actually meet Karen after all this time....and I'm looking forward to that apple tart at my demo in Dundrum!!
It was a nice surprise to meet up with Anna. I'm more used to crafty times with her sister, Daphne and look forward to catching up with you both soon again.
To Noelene and all the other lovely ladies who made my day - a great big thanks!


  1. I am dead envious of all the ladies who came to see you yesterday. I live in Sligo, so I'm still too far away to come to any of the others. I do make an effort and get to the Craft show at the Kings Hall in the spring each year, as I come with some friends. So I've talked to you there.

  2. Yes, Lesley - I remember you well - it was lovely to meet you! Maybe again sometime :)


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