Wednesday 7 May 2014

Creating backgrounds with Letraset Aquamarkers

I've been having a look at some of the different backgrounds it's possible to create with Letraset Aquamarkers - from pale washes to vivid patterns. 
I've chosen a mixture of blues and green shades to complement the Trimcraft Santoro Mergirl stamp as I wanted a seaside type of colour effect.

You'll need
Letraset Aquamarkers
Watercolour paper
Water mister/spray bottle
Glass mat/craft sheet
(coarse salt granules)

1. Aquamarkers, mister and watercolour paper on a glass mat.

2. Using the larger brush tip, scribble ink from the markers onto the glass mat.

3. Spray with water.

4. Place the right side of the watercolour paper firmly on top of the ink.

5. Turn it over and you will have a pale coloured background.

Using more ink and less water gives a deeper background. You can experiment to see the results.

1. This technique also works with the Metallic markers.
Scribble the markers onto the glass mat.

2. Mist with water.

3. Place the paper right side down into the ink and swipe it around a little.

4. You can swipe it through the water and ink several times to get the coverage you want.

1. I've used Blue and Green Metallic Markers with very little water to get a spotty type of background.

2. Then I added a little more water and pressed the paper into the ink again to give more coverage.

E. ..Adding salt.
1. For the "salt effect" I inked the glass mat with Blue and Green Aquamarkers and added lots of water.

2. The paper was pressed into the wet ink.

3. While it was still very wet I sprinkled some coarse salt on top and left to dry.
You can see the salt just beginning to work.

4. The salt is starting to create patterns with the ink.

5. Leave to dry and remove the salt to reveal the end pattern.

Now you can use your chosen background paper to mat and layer onto your card.
I've coloured the Mergirl image with Promarkers to complement the Aquamarker background.

 I have used Dovecraft Glitter card behind the stamped image and background paper.

 Curiosity Corner Twine and washi tape.

A bow made with Dovecraft Glitter card and a Dovecraft brad.

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