Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My new A4 die cutting machine - Xcut Xpress

 The new kid on the block!

I'm now the proud owner of the new Xcut Xpress die cutting machine and thought I'd do a little review to let you know how it's going..

Some of you will know that I had to learn fast on this one :) - Yes, I arrived in Dublin at the RDS last month to demo gorgeous Tonic Studios dies for Crafty Devils  and found this on my demo table!
I count it as a massive plus for the machine that I was able to start right away and demo the dies and  also embossing folders and feel confident. It's really simple to use.
The top photo shows the machine neatly closed for storage when you're not using it.
When you open in up, you can flip the plates to create a platform for the cutting plates.
This makes it possible to use dies/ embossing folders etc on cards up to A4 size.

Here you can see the rollers inside.

And the A4 cutting plates in place - ready to roll!

This is the dial which you change to suit the die/ material/ embossing folder you are using.
There is a full table of settings inside the box but I only ever use a few settings and you'll soon get used to the ones you use. ( I use 4.25 for cutting Tonic thin dies, 5.25 for embossing in the die, 6.5 for small embossing folders and 7 for A4 embossing folders)
This totally eliminates the need for having to use plate combinations - you only need the two plastic ones in the box each time. There is also a metal plate supplied for using when cutting fabric.

The machine does not come with a separate embossing /silicone mat, so you'll either need to buy one or use one from an existing smaller machine.

It has been in constant use since I got it and I'm very pleased with the results each time. 
On the card below you can see how I've used it to cut and emboss  - all on Papermill card :)


  1. Love the flower on this card Ruth. This machine looks good. xxx

  2. Ruth, I'm glad to know you are enjoying your A4 X-cut. I'm very pleased with mine, and my friend who also bought one last week in Belfast is enjoying using hers. May we all have many happy, healthy hours of fun!

  3. This looks fabulous Ruth, want one...Beautiful card as always.
    Wendy xx

  4. I'm very envious, I'm still waiting for my dies to arrive. The machine looks good, but I can't justify it to myself - I have a Cameo, Grand Calibur, and a Big Shot Pro!


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