Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Beacon in Belfast

  Just thought I'd let you see the beacon which was lit in Belfast last night to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It was on the Lagan Weir just beside the Queen's Bridge. You can just see the huge crane of  the Belfast Shipyard to the right of the photo.

It was such a beautiful evening I took another photo of the Lagan Weir showing the reflections on the lovely calm water. Belfast looked wonderful last night !


  1. Thank you for sharring those images! I am quite impressed with this Diamond Jubilee of the Queen! I am proud to have the opportunity to see some images from it on TV and I must say,it was my dream to see one day The Penny Lane street or some places that means a lot for me and the whole World!Learning English language was someething so special for me !All began with the music:The Beatles,Take That ,and so many others-I love Leona Lewis,Elton John.... The Queen is the cousin of our last King,Mihai! Sorry,I didn't mean to bore you but the fact is that I have feelings for UK.
    love you,too

  2. These are lovely photos, Ruth. I didn't get to see anything so pretty as my hubby and son were just home from a youth camp in Rosnowlagh at the weekend and there was a ton of washing to be done but thanks for sharing! Kx

  3. Beautiful photos, Ruth! Amazing reflections and it looks like the rain held off for you. By the time it was dark here it was raining, although not as bad as Sunday.

  4. Here in the Netherlands we saw the festivities of the Queen on television. It looked great!
    But when I see your pictures so, I think this is even better.
    What a great sight to see the lights reflecting in calm waters...
    I love it! Thanks for sharing ...
    Greetings, Anreda

  5. Hi Ruth popped over there from B's beautiful blog, I do love the card below and believe you have some candy going and have done as B. asked on her post! thanks so much for sharing, have some of the photos of the Jubilee too on my blog today! Shaz in oz.x PS will join to keep tabs on post :D

  6. Ruth these photos are lovely. We had two beacons lit near us and they looked lovely shining out from Roseberry Topping and Highcliffe here in Guisborough, North Yorks.

    I too have come over from Brenda's blog :-) Off to have a look at your digi's right now! xxx

  7. Nice photos! Thanks for sharing :)
    That had to be a wonderful view!

  8. Hi Ruth I have popped over from Brenda's blog. Great to see the Beacon lit in your neck of the woods.Thanks for sharing you lovely photos. We were lucky enough to get tickets for the Jubilee Festival in Battersea Park and saw the Pageant on the Thames...fab! I have some photos on my blog now, do pop over and take a peep. Thanks for the lovely candy offer, your stamps are lovely.
    Jane x

  9. Stunning pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow what great pictures! I came here from Brenda's blog and am glad tha I did; you have great stamps and beuatiful cards on your blog! Greetings, Gerrina

  11. These pics are gorgeous! I would sure love to see this in person! Must be so exciting to be right there for the Jubilee!

    Brenda sent me over to say hi and I am now a new follower. Your images are just gorgeous! I need some coloring lessons :)


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