Thursday 5 March 2015

Transformation with Plaid Chalk Paint

I've already been painting all sorts of things with the wonderful Folk Art Home Decor paint from Plaid eg wooden plaques, canvas, wooden boxes etc but really wanted to upcycle something bigger.
When I remembered that this old writing bureau was in the roofspace of our garage gathering dust I knew it was just the thing to try next.

One of the advantages of this paint is that there is absolutely no preparation necessary apart from the removal of the dust - and this is best done using glass cleaner.

 1. Once the dust was removed from the surface it was a simple matter of applying the first coat of paint.....straight over the dark wood and gloss varnish. I have used the Sheepskin coloured paint for the main body of the bureau.

 2. The paint is also able to be used straight over metal so the little decorative lock and handles got the same treatment as the wood!
This is how they looked after one coat.

 3. I chose my favourite colour to paint the drawer fronts - Grotto. Again this was applied straight over the varnished wood.

 4. I gave the bureau a second coat of paint as I wanted a thicker coverage (unlike some of the wooden plaques and frames which I've done and been happy with one coat).

 5.The Plaid "Leaf Variety" stencil was used to add leaves to the top part and then down over the drawers. I stencilled with Grotto, Turkish Tile and Sheepskin paint.

6. After 24 hours the paint was ready to have the Clear Wax applied to protect the surface. I applied this with a brush, allowed it to dry for 24 hours and buffed it to a soft sheen with a lint free cloth.

 7. I painted the inside to match.

8. The finished project!

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  1. A wonderful transformation Ruth. I love the colours you have used. Elaine


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