Thursday 5 March 2015

Hands On Trade Event - photos of the day

Yesterday morning I was back at a table learning again - and having great fun into the bargain!
I was at a Trade Day in the City West Hotel learning about and trying out lots of new products which should soon be "in a shop near you!"
If you're a crafter or artist from Ireland you'll probably recognise lots of people in the photos below as they are mostly shop owners or managers of art and craft shops from all over the country together in one place to get all the latest product info. The buzz was great and the products got a fantastic reception.
In the afternoon (after a lovely lunch - thanks so much Laurence and Ross) I was demoing and showing lots of pre prepared samples of the fantastic Chalk Paint by Plaid and beautiful new ranges from Trimcraft.
My head is still buzzing and full of figures about composition, consistency, coverage, finishes etc.
I'm totally smitten by the chalk paint and I reckon that everyone else who had a chance to try it out yesterday felt the same!

 Sarah and David

 Mark and Joanna

 Nicola, Lisa and Katie

 Lisa, Katie and Bernie

 Miriam (11 weeks to go and looking great!) and Steph

 Enda - my 1st class "minder" for the last couple of days :)


 Marie and Pat

 Majella and Gerry

Dave and Peter from Derwent  - a great double act :)

 Dermot Kavanagh - who gave a superb demonstration on watercolours and Canson paper.

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