Saturday 21 March 2015

Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine April issue 142

The latest issue of Cardmaking and Papercraft has just arrived in my letterbox while I was out and I'm really happy to see how the Family Tree frame I made this time has turned out in the photos.
It's actually touching to see my lovely late father in the same frame as my husband and two sons as he passed away when I was only 12 years old. My dear father-in -law also passed away when our youngest son was only 2 weeks old so I'll treasure this.
Thank you so much to Nikki for returning the project.
It's a beautiful day and I've just had a change of plans which means that I am free this afternoon - so I'm off and out now......:)
I'll be enjoying the magazine later this evening when I come home again.


  1. Haven't seen the mag yet Ruth. Enjoy your day, it's sunny here too (at the moment). Will you be at the Belfast Craft Show in April? If so, I'll probably come and say hello.

  2. Hi Lesley. Thanks, yes I will be there again. You should find me just inside the front door to the left. See you there :)


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