Saturday, 25 May 2019

Pebble Art

 I painted some pebbles late last night for these little cuties (3 of my great nieces). We were going to Portrush today on a Sunday School outing and the idea was that they could hide them for someone else to find. Well, the girls had other ideas and the pebbles came back home again with them tonight!
Lots of Mod Podge Mega Glitter (Plaid Crafts) and then some edding makers. A good day was had by all.

Lola, Kaya and Lori

Friday, 24 May 2019

"Happy You" Heart easel card tutorial and YouTube video

Dovecraft Premium"Happy You" -  Rose gold, coral and white! Another beautiful collection from Trmcraft :)

To make this card you'll need :
A4 white card
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" 6x6 paper pad
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Sentiment Toppers
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Mini Bows
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You"Sequins
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Paper flowers
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Washi Tape
Dovecraft Premium "Happy You" Rose Gold Buttons
 Trimcraft First Edition Nesting Heart Dies FEDIE304
Dot & Dab Tacky Glue
Dot & Dab Foam Tape

 How to make it
1. Glue a 14.5cm square of patterned paper onto a 15cm square of white card.

2. Place the top of the largest heart die just above the fold of a 13cm square white card base and cut out to create a heart shaped card.

3. Score and fold the top heart in half across the centre.

4. Cut another 2 large hearts, one from white card and the other from patterned paper. Glue the patterned paper onto the white card. then glue the bottom half of this to the bottom folded part of the folded card. This forms the easel card.

5. Glue the bottom of the card diagonally to the top corner of the 15cm square base.

6. Cover the inside of the card with another patterned die cut heart. Die cut the next size down  from patterned paper and glue on top of the card front, then add a sentiment topper on top.

7. Make a little stopper from the smallest heart in white card and add to the base of the easel on foam tape.

8. Add a strip of washi tape along the two side edges of the base.

9. Glue a rose gold button to the stopper.

10. Glue 3 paper roses to the top left of the sentiment topper with a mini bow just behind.

11. Glue a few sequins randomly around the card.

You can see a video of this on my channel

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Watermelon shoes - edding textile pens

It's that time of year when canvas pumps are everywhere so why not customise your own with edding Textile pens. I've used edding 4600 textile pens and hope you might like to try it too :) Enjoy!


Mr & Mrs - Silver "Mod Podge" Mega Glitter from Plaid Crafts

 I've been painting with Mod Podge Mega Glitter from Plaid Crafts today and I think I might need my sunglasses  If you need some sparkle, it's right inside this bottle!

Base coat with white chalk paint

Cover with 3 coats of Mega Glitter, leaving to dry between each layer.
Add gems to the top left of each letter.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Tonic Studios Craft Kit 22 inspiration - YouTube

 Hi  I've just posted a video to my YouTube channel showing how I made this die cut and embossed card with Tonic Studios Craft Kit 22 

You can see it here -

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Creating a background with Tonic Studios Shimmer Powder

I've just uploaded a video using Tonic Studios shimmer powders to create a background for this embossed card. You can see it here - 

It's a longer video, more "real time" with some editing so you can let me know what you think

Friday, 3 May 2019

Birthday Wishes - Trimcraft's Gardenia papers and First Edition dies (YouTube)

 Trimcraft have rebranded some of their most popular "previous" dies and I've used several of them along with the recent Gardenia paper pad to create this birthday card. 

You'll need:
Dovecraft A4 Luxury Heavyweight card (white)
Dovecraft A4 Mermaid & Unicorn Card Pack
First Edition Gardenia 8x8 paper pad  FEPAD204
Simply Creative red gems
Dot and Dab Tacky Glue
Dovecraft 3D Metallic Pearl Effects - white
Trimcraft First Edition dies - 
Sentiments FEDIE284
Clock FEDIE287
Nesting Doily FEDIE286
Woodland FEDIE290
Nature FEDIE296

To make the card.
1. Score and fold an A4 piece of Luxury white card in half.
2. Glue a 14.5cm x 20.5cm piece of spotty card on top. 
3. Glue a 12.5cm x 18cm piece if dragonfly paper on top of the spotty paper.
4. Add a 6cm x 18cm (with v shape cut from the bottom) piece of spotty paper to the left of the card.
5. Die cut the 9cm doily from insect paper and glue to the centre of the card with a clock shape die cut from the "Platinum" coloured card from the Mermaid and Unicorn pack.
6. Die cut the Birthday Wishes from the same card and glue onto the top of the banner shape. Add the solid circle into the clock face with a small clock die cut from spotty paper in the centre.
7. Cut out a ladybird from teh patterned paper and glue to the clock face.
8. Die cut 2 platinum toadstools and glue at the bottom of the clock with red gems on top.
9. Curl up the ends of the banner.
10. Die cut 6 leaves, curl the ends and gle 3 at the bottom left of the clock and 3 at the top right. 
11. Die cut 3 flowers, shape the petals and glue 2 on top of the bottom leaves and one at  the top. Ad gems in the centres. Add a tiny red gem in the centre of the clock.
12. Add Pearl Effects to the flowers and dots close to the foliage.

                     You can see how to make it on Youtube here -

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Beginnings with my new i Pad and Procreate app

I've still got a lot to learn but some of you have been asking how I've been getting on with my new iPad and Procreate app so I thought I'd show you what stage I'm at. I was going to wait until I'd improved some more but I suppose we all have to learn and I may as well share the process/ progress. Hopefully this will look much better when I master adding shadows etc. I've always loved drawing and painting flowers but this method is growing on me 

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Goodbye Missy :(

She was only a cat, but I'll miss her so much! Sadly poor little Missy suddenly became ill yesterday and we were shocked to have to say goodbye this afternoon 
It's not on the scale with some of the major problems some of you are coping with but life in our home will be different without her as she just arrived at our door almost five years ago and melted our hearts .

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Love in Paris - tent aperture card (YouTube video) Trimcraft

 I've just added a video tutorial to my YouTube channel showing how to make this tent aperture card with Trimcraft's Chasing Rainbows paper and Paris themed dies.

Monday, 22 April 2019

Piano card

This just popped up in Google memories this morning. I made it for a magazine commission two years ago 🎶

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Castlerock, Co. Londonderry

 Hezlett House

Painted on the side of an ice cream van

Tonic Studios Craft Kit 21 ideas with Washi tape

These are two more cards I have made with Tonic Studios Craft Kit 21 - hope you like them :)

Card 1
You will need a heat gun to activate the Expanding Mousse on this card.
You'll also need a 6x6 white card and a piece of white card measuring 14cm x 14cm.

 1. On a 14cm x 14cm square of white card,spread the mousse over the stencil as shown then remove the stencil and heat the mousse with a heat gun.

 2. Die cut the greeting and background die from white card.

 3. Spread the mousse over the sentiment and heat with the heat gun.

4. Add strips of washi tape around the outside of the square of card and add the sentiment on 3D foam squares. Die cut gold glitter flowers and add to the card with Stone Drops in the centres.

Card 2
To make this card you will need the contents of Tonic Studios Craft Kit 21 plus 
6x6 white card 
Nuvo Water Droplets
Nuvo Crystal Gems

How to make it:
 1. Cover a 13cm x 7.5cm piece of white card with strips of washi tape.

 2. Place the die on top and cut out with a die cutting machine.

 3. Place 2 strips of washi tape across the top and bottom of a 6x6 card as shown. Cover another piece of card with washi tape and die cut the sentiment background shape from it. Die cut the sentiment from white card.

 4. Attach a 15cm x 12cm piece of gold card to the centre of the card and glue the washi tape die cut panel. Add the sentiment to the top left on 3D foam squares. Add some Water Droplets and Crystal Gems as shown to resemble splashes..