Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Lost and Found Double Z fold card tutorial - Trimcraft

Good morning :) I'm really enjoying creating with the new Dovecraft "Lost and Found" collection and hope you are too! I have another card to share today using lots of the papers and embellishments. I think it could probably be called a Double Z Fold. All the steps in making this are found below. I hope you enjoy trying it out :)

You will need:
A4 white card Luxury Heavyweight card
Dovecraft "Lost and Found" 8x8 paper pack 
Dovecraft "Lost and Found" washi tape
Dovecraft "Lost and Found" steel dies
Dovecraft "Lost and Found" wooden frames
Dovecraft "Lost and Found" wooden shapes
Dovecraft "Lost and Found" gems
Dovecraft "Lost and Found" twine

black card 
Dovecraft Crafters Glue
die cutting machine

How to make it:
 1. Score an A4 piece of white card at 5cm and 10cm from each side.

 2. Cut 2 pieces of white card measuring 19.75cm x 6cm and score at 10cm and 15cm. Turn one upside down as shown.

 3. Cut pieces of patterned paper  - checked (4.5cm x 20.5cm) , spotty (4.5cm x 20.5cm) and tree (9.5cm x 20.5cm) and glue to the card as shown.

4. Cut 2 pieces of spotty paper measuring 4.5cm x 5.5cm and 1 measuring 9cm x 5.5cm and glue to the folded strips.

5. On the 10cm length, only add glue to the outside half and add glue to the outside 5cm length. Attach to the top of the card. Reverse and repeat with the other strip, gluing it to the bottom of the card.

6. Attach as shown.

7. Add washi tape along the top and bottom. Glue a hexagonal wooden frame in the centre, die cut a white hexagonal forest scene and glue into the centre of the frame. Die cut the other shapes from black card and glue in place as shown.

8. Glue wooden arrows to the sides. Add a sentiment topper to the frame with a Happy Camper Puffy Sticker below. Add gems to the die cuts and arrows. Tie a little twine bow and glue to the top of the compass.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Let's Celebrate "Party" card with surprise inside - Trimcraft

Good morning, I have another card which I made earlier using Trimcraft's new "Let's Celebrate" papers with some of the new First Edition dies. It's a "happy" kind of paper :) with lots of quirky images and bright colours.
I used the heart balloon die from the Love Themed die set FEDIE239 and also the Alphabet
Tile die set FEDIE238 with lots of Simply Creative 3mm pearls and Dovecraft Crystal Glitter Glue.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Happy Everything - Twisted easel card TUTORIAL to match Dovecraft planner and bookmark

 I've been enjoying the gorgeous Dovecraft planners with all the beautiful coordinating embellishments, but as a cardmaker, I couldn't resist making a card with some of the new Let's Celebrate papers and the planner embellishments to match.

You will need:
Dovecraft 6x6 white card
Trimcraft First Edition "Let's Celebrate" paper pad
Dovecraft Printed Pegs DCACC006
Dovecraft Wooden Toppers and Gems DCACC009
Dovecraft Photo Corners DCACC007
Dovecraft Washi Tape DCACC003
white card
Docecraft Crafters glue

How to make it:

 1. Open, then score and fold the front of a 6x6 white card from top left to bottom right as shown above.

 2. Cut a piece of green patterned paper to 14.5cm x 14.5cm and glue to  the inside of the card.

 3. Layer a triangle cut from a 13cm square of hooray paper onto a triangle cut from a 14cm square of green patterned paper and glue to the bottom half of the card front.

4. Cut 2 pieces of  white card and 2 pieces of patterned paper to the measurements shown and cut out a dog from the paper pad.

 5. Use the white card pieces as the bottom layers and add the patterned layers on top,then glue the dog in the centre. Add photo corners to both panels.|Fold the card front in half and glue the whole panel (by the bottom right only) to the folded part so that the top half is not attached. 

6. Add a wooden peg top the top of the dog panel . Fold the front back to where it sits up well and add a wooden flower as the "stopper". Add a length of washi tape down the right hand side of the base of the card.

You can also make a bookmark to match using a tassel at the bottom :)

Thank You - Tonic Studios Floral Favour Octagon Layering die set

Hello :) A quick Thank You card using the Tonic Studios Floral Favour Octagon die set, and Thank You Mini Moments die with Brown Kraft Card and Cornflower Blue Craft Perfect card

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Dovecraft "Lost and Found" Collection - Trimcraft

 Good morning :) This is one of the cards I made using the fabulous new Dovecraft collection "Lost and Found" by Trimcraft. The papers are all in natural colours and the embellishments are amazing! Keep an eye out for more as I'll be posting photos of the others I made soon. If you are one of my Irish friends, this collection will be in a shop near you very soon :). I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with it :)

Friday, 13 April 2018

Let's Celebrate - Pop Up Diorama card tutorial (Trimcraft)

The gorgeous new "Let's Celebrate" papers from Trimcraft have something about them that makes me want to make cards with a surprise inside them! This time I've made a pop up diorama card with a little panda trimmed from the pad inside the aperture. This card folds flat for posting

You will need:
Dovecraft A4 Luxury Heavyweight white card
Trimcraft First Edition "Let's Celebrate" paper pads (8 x 8 and 12 x 12 )
Dovecraft Crafters Glue
Dovecraft Washi tape DCACC003
Trimcraft First Edition Love Themed dies FEDIE239
Simply Creative Jewels and Hearts

die cutting machine

How to make it:

 1. Fold and score an A4 piece of white card in the centre and at 1cm from the right side.

 2. Take another piece of white card measuring 15.5cm x 21cm and score at 1cm from each side on the 15.5cm length. Cut a piece of green patterned paper and glue on top. Cut o rectangular aperture 7.5cm x 9.5cm at 4cm from the top of the card. Keep the piece of white card which is left for step 5

 3.Cut around one of the pandas on the paper pad in a rectangle measuring 8cm x 10cm and glue onto a piece of heart patterned paper measuring 9cm x 11cm. Glue this to the inside of the card behind  the aperture in the top piece.

 4. Glue along the 1cm folds and adhere together as shown. The left side should be glued directly to the front of the card, just beside the score line and the right side should be glued to the inside of the 1cm fold on the back of the card.

 5. Cut out cones and a cupcake from the paper pad and glue along the bottom of the  aperture. Glue a 13cm x 20.5cm piece of "present" patterned paper to the inside left of the card. Glue the piece of white card from step 2 onto the left side with a cone and cupcake cut from the paper pad on top.

 6. Glue a 14cm x 20.5cm piece of green patterned paper to the front of the card. Glue a 7.5cm x 15cm piece of balloon paper to the left side os a 10cm x 16cm piece of striped paper. Add a strip of washi tape down the right side

 7. Glue a 6cm x 8cm rectangle of panda paper to a 6.5cm x 8.5cm rectangle of white card.

 8. Glue the panda panel to the washi taped panel and glue to the front of the card.Die cut the heart balloon from white card, glue this to the right side of the panda panel with a little striped heart die cut on top. Add a line of glitter glue around the outside and a heart gem in the centre. Add jewels to the balloons.

 9. Front

10. Inside

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Violin Twist - Tonic Studios

Hi :) This is a card I made with the Tonic Studios "Violin Twist" Rococco die. I used Craft Perfect Luna Silver and Ocean Blue card along with Memory Book Maker "Layered Cascade"  and "Decorative Hinges" dies. I also added some Turquoise Stars from the Peacock Feathers confetti collection.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Toucan tent frame card - Trimcraft

 Hello :)  I've been busy making cards with the gorgeous new "Botanical Beauty" papers from Trimcraft again and this time it's a tent card (with a gusset at the bottom, but I've cut out the centre to create a frame and suspended the Toucan die cut from acetate. You can tell I am loving the Tropical Themed dies too :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine issue 182 (May2018)

Mag time again  This is one of the cards I made for my "sketch" commission in Cardmaking & Papercraft Magazine's May issue (182) which I made using Trimcraft's "Beyond the Shore" papers and First Edition dies.
The free gift this month is a beautiful fairy themed stamp and die set

Monday, 9 April 2018

Botanical Beauty card - Trimcraft

 A little bit of sunshine today boosted my creativity for a while :)
I made this "pop out front" card with Trimcraft's lovely new Botanical Beauty papers and Tropical themed dies. I added some First Edition Kale washi tape on the front and inside along with Simply Creative gems and Dovecraft Crystal Glitter Glue :)

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Let's Celebrate - Trimcraft First Edition paper and dies

The new "Let's Celebrate" papers from Trimcraft have some very different designs eg flamingos on bicycles, dogs wearing party hats and bears with balloons :) I've used a mixture of the 12x 12 and 8x8 papers on this card with some of the Love Themed dies FEDIE239. The heart patterned washi tape is Dovecraft and is usually used with the planners. As always, I've added lots of sparkle with the Dovecraft Crystal Glitter Glue and some Simply Creative gems.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Hey Baby 3D book instructions - Trimcraft

I've used the lovely pastel Hey Baby papers, decoupage and stickers to decorate a Create Crafts 3D book as a present/card for a baby.

You will need:
Create Crafts book (set of 2) 9cm x 13.5cm x 3.5cm
white paint 
Crafters Glue
Trimcraft First Edition Hey Baby papers
Trimcraft First Edition Hey Baby 8x8 decoupage 
Trimcraft First Edition Hey Baby sticker book
Simply Creative 3mm Rainbow pearls
Simply Creative A4 Glitter Felt Multi pack
Dovecraft Crystal Glitter Glue
Trimcraft First Edition Love Themed dies FEDIE239

How to make it:
 1. Paint the entire book, inside and outside with white paint and leave to dry.

 2. Cut two pieces of patterned paper measuring 10.5cm x 14.5cm, fold around the edges and cut out the corners as shown above. Glue to the front and back of the book, tucking the edges in and gluing down carefully.

 3. Cut 2 pieces of heart patterned paper measuring 13.5cm x 1.5cm and glue to the edges of the front and back cover. Cut a piece of heart patterned paper measuring 7.5cm x 12cm and glue to the centre of the book front.Add a fine line of glitter glue around the edges of the heart patterned paper.

 4. Back cover

 5. Glue a piece of patterned paper measuring 8.5cm x 12cm inside the right hand side and glue a piece of glitter felt measuring 8cm x 11.5cm to the left side.

6. Make up the teddy bear decoupage and glue inside the book. Add extra butterflies and pearls.

7. Decorate the Glitter Felt inside cover with stickers from the Sticker book and add some pearls.

8. Die cut the heart balloon from the First Edition die set and glue to the front of the book. Add stickers from the sticker book and some 3mm rainbow pearls.