Monday, 28 December 2015

How to buy digi images.

As you can see from the posts on this blog,I draw my own images for some of my cards. Some of these are available to buy as digi images and these can be viewed on A Passion for Stamps

To buy the DIGI IMAGES simply use the "ADD TO CART" button. When you have paid I will send the chosen digi images to you as a zipped file as soon as possible.
If you have any problems with this send an email, to and I will get in touch to help asap.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Reminder of Promarker blog prize

 Just a reminder of my Promarker blog prize  - entry closes in 3 days :)
You can see the post about it HERE

Mum's kitchen - how to make this 3D card

The new First Edition Kitchen dies from Trimcraft are perfect for creating extra special cards for Mums or anyone else who loves to be in their kitchen. I've used them with the new Mulberry Kisses papers, also from Trimcraft, to create a 3D card.
I've added all the instructions and measurements below that you will need to make one for yourself.

You will need:
Trimcraft First Edition Mulberry Kisses paper pads  - 8x8 and 6x6
Trimcraft First Edition Borders, Frames and Buckles dies
Trimcraft First Edition Kitchen dies

Dovecraft 5x7 window card
Dovecraft A4 Silver Mirror card
Dovecraft Crafters Glue

white card
3d foam squares
white card
double sided tape
die cutting machine
craft knife
masking tape

How to make it:

1. Cut a piece of patterned paper to measure 12.25cm x 17.25cm and attach temporarily to the card front with masking tape.

 2. Open the card and draw around the aperture with a pencil. Cut out with a craft knife and attach the panel to the card front with Crafters Glue.

 3. Cut a piece of card measuring 8.5cm x 2.5cm and score at every 0.5cm. Fold and glue together to form a rectangular tube. Cut a piece of patterned paper measuring 8.5cm x 1cm. Score and fold in half then glue to 2 sides of the tube.

 4. Glue the tube to the card front about 1cm below the aperture.. Die cut the oven glove from patterned paper and cut the utensils from silver mirror card.

5. Glue the tops of the utensils to the tube and use 2 x 3D foam squares (as a double layer) to hold the base of the utensils.

 6. Make "curtains" but cutting 2 strips of patterned paper to measure 2.75cm x 9cm and cut 2 borders from contrasting paper. Glue the borders down the edges.

7.  Glue the curtains to the inside of the aperture.
Cut a piece of patterned paper to measure 10.5cm x 15.5cm and attach centrally to the inside right of the card with double sided tape.
Die cut the food mixer from silver card and also from white card. Snip off the white bowl and glue on top of the silver bowl. Attach to the inside of the card with 3D foam squares so that it is in the centre of the aperture.

 8. Cut another border and trim to fit the edge of the shelf. Attach with Crafters glue.


Thursday, 26 November 2015

Creating a Seaside Themed Wooden Calendar with Trimcraft's Seaside dies and Deco Mache papers

The new Distressed  Wood and Curlew Deco Mache papers from Trimcraft look great along with their new Seaside themed dies. I've used them together to decorate this lovely wooden perpetual calendar.

Create Craft Perpetual Calendar (13.55 cm x19.2 cm)
White Chalk Paint
Trimcraft First Edition Deco Mache paper - "Distressed Wood" and "Curlew"
Trimcraft First Edition Beach dies
Dovecraft 6x6 Colours Paper Pack 
Trimcraft Deco Mache Gloss Decoupage Glue
Dovecraft Crafters Glue
Dovecraft Crystal Glitter Glue
Dovecraft Pastel Pink 3D Pearl Effects
Flax Twine (2mm- 180mm)

white card
kraft card 
paint brush
masking tape
die cutting machine

 1. Remove the wooden blocks and paint the rest of the calendar with white chalk paint.

2. Cut a piece of Distressed Wood Deco Mache paper measuring 13cm x 19cm and glue to the back  with the Deco Mache Glue. Snip at the sides where the part holding the blocks is attached and continue to glue down.

3. Cut 2 pieces of Curlew Deco Mache paper measuring 6cm x 8.5cm and glue to the sides.

4. Die cut 2 of the Beach sign dies - once in white and once in kraft. Set the white sign on top of a piece of masking tape and place the "negative cut outs" from the kraft sign into it. Trim away the excess masking tape.

 5. Cut out a curlew from the Deco Mache paper.

6. Make a little "post" from kraft card and attach with the Beach sign to the calendar. Die cut an anchor from grey paper and glue on top of the sign.

 7. Die cut 2 shells - once in white and once in grey paper and swap the centres as shown. Glue to the right side of the calendar.

 8. Glue the Curlew on top of the sign with the Decoupage Glue. Add a line of Crystal Glitter Glue around the Curlew to define the edges. Make "pearls" in the centres of the shells with the Pastel Pink 3D Pearl Effects.

9. Tie a Savoy Knot (a figure 8) in the twine and glue to the right hand side of the calendar , gluing the tails as shown.

How to make a Garden Shed slider card with Trimcraft dies and Falling Leaves papers

Trimcraft have recently released the new Falling Leaves papers in 12x12 , 8x8 and 6x6. They have a beautiful selection of autumnal shades with lots of pages which appear textured. I have teamed them up with some of their brand new dies to create this garden themed slider card. All the details are shown below so that you can give it a try too :)

You will need:
Trimcraft First Edition paper pad -  Falling Leaves 6x6
Trimcraft First Edition paper pad -  Falling Leaves 8x8
Trimcraft First Edition Gardening dies
Trimcraft First Edition Transport dies

Dovecraft 5x7 white card
Dovecraft A4 silver mirror card
double sided tape
small circle punch (2.5cm)
hole punch
black permanent marker
brown lace ribbon

How to make it:
1. Take a 5x7 card and cut and fold it as shown above making sure the fold of the card itself is to the left.

2. Cut a piece of patterned paper from the 8x8 pad to measure 12.25cm x 17.5cm. then cut an aperture with borders of 2.5cm on the short sides and 2.75cm on the long sides.

3. Glue this panel to the front of the card. Cut another piece of the same paper to measure 2.75cm x 12.25cm and attach to the middle folded part as shown with double sided tape.

 4. Cut out the garden shed die from patterned paper. Then draw around the die and cut out from brown paper.

 5. Die cut the tree from brown paper/card and glue the bottom to the folded part of the card as shown. Die cut two fences and attach to the back of the garden shed with double sided tape. Mark the centre along the top of the card and punch a semi circle.

6. Cut a piece of white card measuring 14.5cm x 9.75cm and attach to the back of the 1cm folded part of the card. It is on the REVERSE of where the arrows are pointing.

 7. Attach a 14.5cm x 10.5cm piece of patterned paper to the inside back of the card with double sided tape. Add two pieces of double sided tape down the outside edges. Fold over and adhere.

8. Glue a 1cm x 12.5cm strip of  the same paper along the front of the narrow folded strip as shown.

9. Die cut a silver wheelbarrow and cut the "steam" from the Transport die set in brown paper and use as soil in the wheelbarrow. Colour the wheel black with a permanent marker. Cut a second tree from brown paper/card and shorten, remove the lower branches and glue in front of the left fence. Die cut the spade and fork from brown card/paper and also from silver mirror card. Snip off the heads of the fork and spade and glue on top of the brown ones.

10. Die cut come leaves from patterned paper and shape with an embossing tool. Glue to the front of the card.

11. Pull the insert out slightly and punch a hole in the centre at the top. Add a loop of lace ribbon.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

4 Ways with Glass Candle Holders

I've been decorating some 10cm glass candle holders with various finishes and the results are very different. You can see below what I've used and how I've done it.

Flax Twine

Supplies - Glass Candle Holder (10cm) 
Flax Twine (2mm- 180mm) 
Dovecraft Crafters Glue
Santoro 2 lace ribbon

crochet hook
1. Wrap several rows of flax twine around the glass candle jar, securing the ends and the bottom row with Dovecraft Crafters Glue.
2. Wrap 2-3 strands of twine around the neck of the candle holder and secure with Crafters Glue.
Insert crochet hook into the twine at the top of the candle holder and make 6 loops of chain stitch then insert hook and continue to create a chain until you reach the end of the twine at the back. Fasten with a knot.
3. Create a chain of twine and form into a heart shape. Glue to the front of the candle holder. 
4. Make a tiny lace ribbon bow, glue to the centre of the heart and add a pearl.
5. Glue a length of lace ribbon around the centre.

Decoupage and Glitter

Supplies -  Glass Candle Holder (10cm)
Trimcraft First Edition Deco Mache paper  - Blue Hoopoe
Trimcraft First Edition Deco Mache Gloss Decoupage Glue
Trimcraft Santoro Willow lace ribbon
Dovecraft Glitter Glue - amethyst
Dovecraft Back to Basics Pearls - Pretty in Pink

paint brush
1. Cut a strip of Deco Mache paper to fit the candle holder.
2. Apply a thin layer of Gloss Decoupage Glue to the glass.
3. Apply the Deco Mache paper to the glue, smoothing it on to the glass. 
4. Add some Glitter Glue highlights to the bird.
5. Add some pearls to the flowers and birds.
6. Use the same glue to attach a length of lace ribbon to the top of the candle holder.

Chalk Paint, Dies and Paper Blossoms

 Glass Candle Holder (10cm)
Flax Twine (2mm- 180mm) 
Dovecraft Crafters Glue
Trimcraft First Edition dies - Foliage
Dovecraft Adhesive Gemstones
Santoro 2 Paper Blossoms
Plaid Home Decor Chalk Paint - Sheepskin , Bavarian
Dovecraft Crafters Glue

paint brush
stencil brush

1. Die cut two leaves from the Foliage die set and trim to fit the candle holder. Glue to the glass.
2. Paint the candle holder with a layer of Sheepskin Plaid Chalk Paint and leave to dry.
3. Stipple some Bavarian Chalk Paint on top with a stencil brush.
4. Glue the paper blossoms at the bottom of the leaves and add gems .
5. Wrap a length of twine around the top of the candle holder and tie in a bow.

Chalk Paint and Felt

 Glass Candle Holder (10cm)
Plaid Home Decor Chalk Paint - White Adirondack
Dovecraft Christmas Basics A4 Felt
Dovecraft Christmas Basics Pearls
Dovecraft Christmas Basics Twine
Dovecraft Christmas Basics Jingle Bells
Dovecraft Crafters Glue
Dovecraft Glitter Glue - Crystal. Red
Black Promarker

White card and hole punch

1. Paint the candle holder with white Chalk Paint
2. Cut a reindeer head shape from brown felt. Glue to the glass . Add ears.
3. Punch 2 eyes with the hole punch and add black dots in the centre.
4. Attach a large red pearl as a nose and draw face markings with a Black Promarker.
5. Draw antlers with a Black Promarker. Add a glitter tongue.
6. Add dots of glitter glue and green pearls around the candle holder.
7. Wrap a length of twine around the top of the candle holder and tie on two jingle bells.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Winter home for our little stray

Update on our little stray cat....she likes to come indoors to the kitchen and lie beside me while I work but always wants to go outside to sleep. We were worried about the colder weather and managed to get her to sleep in a box, then changed that to a cosy cat bed when she got used to that area. It's sheltered from the wind and rain (and snow!) but we wanted something warmer. 
Solution - the little cosy cat bed is inside this plastic box and the area between the box and bed has polystyrene for warmth. She loves it! She can still sit there and watch all the comings and goings at the back of the house :)