Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Silk Painting (Pebeo Setasilk) How to for beginners

 I've used the Pebeo Setasilk Discovery Set and Gold Gutta to decorate this silk square. I have also drawn a rose and added the template below if you'd like to save and print it. You can resize to whatever size you like.

You will need:
Silk square
Pebeo Setasilk Discovery Set
Pebeo Gold Gutta
Paint brush
Frame or embroidery hoop to hold the silk taut while painting
Salt crystals (optional)


How to :
 1. Print out the template. Fasten the silk into a frame or enbroidery hoop to keep taut while painting. Place the frame over the template and draw around with the gutta.

2. Add water to the area you are going to paint (inside the gutta).

 3. Add water to the paint and start with the lightest shade first. Work from light to darker.

 4. Add water to the next area, then add a little paint and keep moving around the petals.

 5. Just add a little deeper paint to the inside of the petals and it will spread with the water.

 6. Use the red and blue to mix up a little purple.

 7. Add more or less water to get different shades.

 8. Add shading to the petals

9. Paint the leaves. Add areas of different colours all over the background and sprinkle salt crystals on while it's still wet. Leave to dry and shake off. In the photo above I have shown two different backgrounds.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Rabbits and Heart Wall Hanging

 I've combined a cute little row of wooden bunnies with a large MDF heart to create a wall hanging with a spring feel to it.

Showing the scale :)

You will need:
MDF Heart (50cm x 40cm)  Product Code 56745
Create Craft Wooden Bunnies 11x30x 2cm
Plaid Folk Art Stencil 6x6 stencil - Cherry Blossom (PC13224)
Create Craft Flax Twine
Acrylic paint - blue , white, light pink, dark pink, brown, green, yellow, grey, black
Dovecraft Crafters Glue (not in pic)
Dovecraft Pom Poms (not in pic)

To make it:
 1. Paint the top part of the heart pale blue.

 2. Stipple white clouds.

 3. Paint the bottom of the heart green and add some grass effects.

 4. Stencil on the cherry blossoms at both sides, adding deep pink shading to the flowers.

 5. Stencil some blossoms in the centre.

 6. Paint the rabbits.

7. Add some shading.

8. Glue to the plaque.

9. Glue the pompoms to the rabbits. Paint daisies on the grass.
Attach the flax twine at the top to hang up.

Demo Cancelled - Art & Hobby Shop, Swords

Unfortunately due to the current Coronavirus situation, my demo at the Art & Hobby Shop, Swords on Sat 21st March has been cancelled. I'll let you know when a new date has been arranged. Thanks for understanding - hope to see you all soon again 

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Wooden Shapes and Pebeo Fantasy Paints

 These are Wooden Deco Shapes which have foam outlines and I have poured Pebeo Fantasy Moon and Prisme Paints into the inner shapes to decorate .

I have used the following - 


Wooden Deco Shape - Mermaid (H18cm) Product code 791956

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Eggshell White and Buttercup (Hair)
Pebeo Prisme Turquoise and Caribbean Blue : Moon Emerald (Body)
Vitrail Pearl and Pink (face and arms) 


 Wooden Deco Shape - Turtle (H10cm) Product code 791958

Pebeo Fantasy Moon Pearl, Gold mixed with Vitrail Sand (head and feet)
Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Emerald ( with Gold Moon for shell)


 Wooden Deco Shape - Seahorse (H18cm) Product code 791957

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme, Onyx and Pebeo Fantasy Moon, Pearl

I've shown the mermaid and seahorse below with a coordinating cotton bag which I have coloured. 

Thursday, 27 February 2020

edding Textile Pens

I have used edding Textile pens and Funtastics on 2 different cotton bags to add a lot of colour!

You will need - Mermaid bag Product Code: 499653
Pirate bag Product Code: 499651
 edding 10 Textile Pens (1mm) art. 4-4600-10
edding 5 Textile Fun Funtastics art. 4-17-5

 The bags were pre printed with the outlines so I coloured and added some shading :)

Tonic Studios Nuvo Markers

Having a little play today with Nuvo markers. I drew the roses, coloured them with Nuvo markers and used the Bee Hive Layering Floral Frame die set, Coral card (Craft Perfect) and Strawberry Coulis Jewel Drops on a Craft Perfect 7x7 card - all from Tonic Studios

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Demo - Jervis St, Dublin, Sat 29th Feb

A couple of hens which will be coming to the Art and Hobby Shop,Jervis St, Dublin with me on Feb 29th  I'll be demoing the Pébéo products used on these 🐔


If you'd like to keep up with Nicco, you can see lots of photos on his new Instagram page -
I take lots of photos as you know(!)..some because he's just so cute and some because I love drawing from them, so I thought it would be a good idea to have them all in one place so others who love dogs too could have a look now and then. At the moment I'm just getting up to date over there with photos from when he came to live with us.

Bloom and Wonder Aperture Pocket Card - Trimcraft

 Another pocket card I made with the beautiful new Bloom and Wonder papers from Trimcraft. I used 2 Dovecraft 5x7 oval window cards together for the base. I'm loving these florals