Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Ho Ho Ho - Trimcraft

Is anyone still making Christmas cards - or have you all finished?
I made this with the Dovecraft "Little Red Robin" papers from Trimcraft, Nesting Stocking dies and Simply Creative "Ho" die, Nesting Stocking dies and Simply Creative "Ho" die.
As always, I've added lots of Crystal Glitter Glue and some twine :)

Monday, 17 December 2018

Little Red Robin aperture card

Another Little Red Robin card (Dovecraft from Trimcraft) I'm going to miss these little guys after Christmas! 
Thanks to the boys for helping me get the Christmas tree together (in the background) at last to feel a bit more festive 

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Happy birthday, David

Happy birthday, David!!
I'm over the moon and very relieved to have him at home on his birthday as he suffered a stroke at the beginning of the week and was back in hospital yet again. It will take a bit of time to recover but he's getting lots of TLC in the meantime. He has given me so many scares over the past year but today is hopefully a quiet celebration of another birthday! ❤❤

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Merry Christmas - Tonic Studios Staggered Stepper dies

 A Christmas card I made with the Tonic Studios "Staggered Stepper" die as a base with the older Winter Snowflake and Regal Reindeer dies. I've also used the Snowflakes Trio dies.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Diorama card tutorial with Tonic Studios Kit 17

These are the contents of Kit 17 :) 

The only items I have used which are not included in the kit are white card, Cross Stitch Circle Layering die set 2378e and 3D foam squares. You could substitute the large outline die for the Cross Stitches Circles if you like :)

How to make the card - 
 1. Start with a 15cm square card and score in at 1cm from the right on the inside. Use the large outline die from the set to cut out a piece of Powder Blue Lace card and attach to the inside of the card.

 2. Cut a piece of white card measuring 16cm x 15cm and score at 1cm from each side on the 16cm length. 

 3. Die cut a floral square from white card, then use this as a guide to blending the embellishment mousses onto white card in the same basic outline.

 4. Place the white floral die cut onto the mousses card (do not stick down yet!) and use as a guide to place and attach the outer and inner outline dies on top. Remove the floral die cut, secure the dies in place with masking tape and pass through the die cutting machine.

 5. Glue the white floral die cut on top of the moussed card and glue to the piece of white card with scores at each side. Place the inner die inside the shape again and pass through the die cutting machine.

 6. Glue the 1cm fold on the left to the inside left of the card front as shown and glue the other 1cm fold over the 1cm fold on the card as shown.

 7. Die cut the Special Day from white card and Coral Pink card.

 8. Stamp the bee with the Panama Rose ink 4 times (twice for the front of the card and twice for the inside) and cut out with the die in the kit.

 9. Offset the white Special Day onto the coral die cut and glue to the centre of the aperture inside. NB Hold  the card open while doing this to make sure it is in the centre. Add glitter drops to the bee.

 10. Die cut a white 9.5cm circle, 11cm buttermilk yellow circle and 12.5cm Silky Sky circle. Layer these and attach to the left inside of the card.

 11. Stamp the little flower 3 times with teh Lime Burst ink and die cut. 

 12. Glue to the inside left of the card as shown, adding glitter drops to the flowers.

 13. Die cut the floral shape from white card again, then die cut the large outline shape from coral card. Glue the white shape onto the coral shape and attach to the card front. 

14. Die cut the "On Your" from white and Powder Blue Lace card.

15. Offset the die cuts and glue to the centre of the card front. Add the stamped bees on 3D foam squares with glitter drop on the bodies.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Little Red Robin dimensional card

I just can't get enough of this little robin! I set the collection out on my desk and worked my way through the packets making different cards and this was another result.

Cat logic!

Sometimes you just have to laugh at her preferences!! She used to love this little bed, then she fell in love with the carpet so I put some in the bed and it worked for a while. However, there's never any competition when there's a box nearby!!

Friday, 7 December 2018

Little Red Robin easel card with aperture - Trimcraft

 Hello :) Today's card is a little easel which I made using a 5x7 Dovecraft oval aperture card and some acetate. I used the Little Red Robin collection from Trimcraft again just because I love it!
I've posted lots of photos below to show the different angles so that you can make it if you like.

As always, I've added lots of Dovecraft Crystal Glitter Glue

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Little Red Robin - Trimcraft

 I think this has got to be my favourite ever Christmas collection! It's the Dovecraft "Little Red Robin" collection from Trimcraft.
I've been making lots of cards with it over the last few days and this is the first finished :)

I'm even enjoying tea from my new mug which my very thoughtful cousin bought me :)

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Lillian Bland's Mayfly

 I'm just back from a walk and thought I'd just share something local that always fascinates me. This is a stainless steel replica of Lillian Bland's biplane, the Mayfly. Lillian Bland (1878-1971) lived close by and was the first lady in Ireland to build and fly her own biplane. She built it mostly from recycled bicycle parts and flew it off Carnmoney Hill. Ironically she named it the Mayfly because.....yes, you're right, she wasn't sure at first! Her father bought her a Model T Ford to try to stop her flying so she taught herself to drive and became Northern Ireland's first Ford agent!
Her story is really amazing and well worth checking out 

Monday, 3 December 2018

Surrounded by robins today

It's a beautiful December day and I had a lovely walk this morning to get me started on the week. Now I'm sitting at my desk looking at the hills beyond the roof tops and I'm surrounded by robins. My cousin bought David and I gorgeous Robin mugs and coasters (and Maltesers!) last week and we certainly love them!

Saturday, 1 December 2018

The Story of my punches

 This was the first little punch I ever bought. It came from a shop called Kozo in Belfast and I loved it. I didn't have many craft supplies at the time and couldn't justify spending too much money on them so this little punch had to work hard. I used the flowers, the apertures, left them flat and twisted them etc! Eventually, I enjoyed using the punch so much that I bought some more....and some more!

 Some Woodware punches. I generally kept to basic shapes which could be adapted. The 3 different sized circle punches ion the centre of the photo are always beside me, even now :)

 Some tiny Woodware punches and some very large lever punches. That large oval at the top is a very handy one!

 The border punches were a real treat for me -I loved threading ribbon through them and placing different coloured card behind them for different effects.
I mostly still use the hole punches at the bottom for tags but also used the waste as confetti. They work well with foam as you can see below.

 I punched the foam and glued temporarily to an acrylic block,

 then used it as a stamp for the background.

 Some Xcut punches

 Martha Stewart border punches

 Dovecraft punches

 This little set of mini alphabet punches was used over and over again! I used the X as faux stitching on numerous projects.

Corner punches - still used often in my card making.

 Now this is where it all changed course! I saw this Tonic Studios border system demonstrated at a show in Belfast, David bought them for me and I was hooked!

Some regular boot punches which can also be used with the border system. To the right is the most used punch of them all - the Intrica Butterfly!

 These are amazing geared punches. Back in the day when Tonic Studios was only making tools and punches, these geared punches were developed and could punch through cardstock of up to 400gsm!

 Hefty big Tonic Studios punches!

 Petal Pairs, designed by Susan Niner Janes for Tonic Studios. These had interlocking petals and could be layered up to great effect.

 These were once the staple of all my cards. Geared border punches! Some were border and some strip punches and worked so well together. There's even a couple in this pile which were never actually mass produced. I was given them to try when I was demoing at a trade show for Tonic Studios but they never became available to the public.

 I had so much fun designing these four sets of punches, complete with coordinating stamps and a little stamping cylinder. I must have made thousands of flowers with these and loved demonstrating them around the country :)

 Large Intrica punches by Tonic Studios

 More large Intrica punches :)

 Mini punches which are always in use. I keep them handy in a little takeaway container. 

The last one I bought. It seemed like everyone had this or needed it so I treated myself but only used it once or twice - unlike all my other punches :). By this stage I had moved on to using dies and only really used my smaller punches with them.