Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Things are looking up :)

 A little update on "the cat"... she is still very nervous and doesn't like to be indoors without a door open so I had put a cardboard box down the garden in a sheltered part which has a roof over it and she started to sleep there at night. Then she seemed to be staying most of the day there.
My neighbour had given me this little bed ages ago but our furry friend wouldn't use it at all.However, once she got used to sleeping in the box I decided to put the bed in place of the box and see what happened.
Well, she moved in and loves it.She can watch our every move from her vantage point and just pokes her little head to to see what is going on!

Then she got really brave this afternoon and this is what happened :)


  1. Oh wow it's getting braver. Cats are wonderful animals Ruth. We lost our girl after 19 years last year but we were adopted a 4 years ago by a huge cat the grandchildren named Fluffy. He is still very nervous but is part of the family with his feet firmly under the table, in the bed wherever he wants basically. xx Jan

  2. Looks as if you are about to be adopted by a new cat, Christine - possibly a nervous one, but I'm sure she will love the warmth and food you will no doubt be providing.

  3. Sorry, forgot who I was writing to Ruth, and called you Christine.

  4. Ahh lovely to see her so happy,I lost my cat last month and I'm lost with out him, so we're off to the cat rescue on Friday,to hopefully find a new furry friend or two,I adore cats and its alway lovely to have some company in the day isn't it Debbs xx

  5. What a beautiful cat, Ruth. That cat bed will be lovely and cosy for the colder weather. I'd say you have a four-legged furry friend for keeps, now! One came to us 17 years ago... she's spoilt rotten!


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