Thursday 26 November 2015

How to make a Garden Shed slider card with Trimcraft dies and Falling Leaves papers

Trimcraft have recently released the new Falling Leaves papers in 12x12 , 8x8 and 6x6. They have a beautiful selection of autumnal shades with lots of pages which appear textured. I have teamed them up with some of their brand new dies to create this garden themed slider card. All the details are shown below so that you can give it a try too :)

You will need:
Trimcraft First Edition paper pad -  Falling Leaves 6x6
Trimcraft First Edition paper pad -  Falling Leaves 8x8
Trimcraft First Edition Gardening dies
Trimcraft First Edition Transport dies

Dovecraft 5x7 white card
Dovecraft A4 silver mirror card
double sided tape
small circle punch (2.5cm)
hole punch
black permanent marker
brown lace ribbon

How to make it:
1. Take a 5x7 card and cut and fold it as shown above making sure the fold of the card itself is to the left.

2. Cut a piece of patterned paper from the 8x8 pad to measure 12.25cm x 17.5cm. then cut an aperture with borders of 2.5cm on the short sides and 2.75cm on the long sides.

3. Glue this panel to the front of the card. Cut another piece of the same paper to measure 2.75cm x 12.25cm and attach to the middle folded part as shown with double sided tape.

 4. Cut out the garden shed die from patterned paper. Then draw around the die and cut out from brown paper.

 5. Die cut the tree from brown paper/card and glue the bottom to the folded part of the card as shown. Die cut two fences and attach to the back of the garden shed with double sided tape. Mark the centre along the top of the card and punch a semi circle.

6. Cut a piece of white card measuring 14.5cm x 9.75cm and attach to the back of the 1cm folded part of the card. It is on the REVERSE of where the arrows are pointing.

 7. Attach a 14.5cm x 10.5cm piece of patterned paper to the inside back of the card with double sided tape. Add two pieces of double sided tape down the outside edges. Fold over and adhere.

8. Glue a 1cm x 12.5cm strip of  the same paper along the front of the narrow folded strip as shown.

9. Die cut a silver wheelbarrow and cut the "steam" from the Transport die set in brown paper and use as soil in the wheelbarrow. Colour the wheel black with a permanent marker. Cut a second tree from brown paper/card and shorten, remove the lower branches and glue in front of the left fence. Die cut the spade and fork from brown card/paper and also from silver mirror card. Snip off the heads of the fork and spade and glue on top of the brown ones.

10. Die cut come leaves from patterned paper and shape with an embossing tool. Glue to the front of the card.

11. Pull the insert out slightly and punch a hole in the centre at the top. Add a loop of lace ribbon.

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  1. Hi Ruth, Thank you for sharing your beautiful makes. I have been a Tonicaholic for a number of years (& i do take a shot of Tonic in mine lol) I loved the Petal Pairs. I have so many of Tonic merchandise. Flip Flops being my last purchase. I will have to sort them out & check out your very inspiational ideas, I have a brain block one day, then suddenly my brain goes into overdrive with that many ideas, I go into another block lol maybe I should have a rest 😊 my housework gets neglected too...BUT I LOVE IT ALL. Thanks Tonic for keeping my brain active. Thanks Ruth xx


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