Saturday, 14 November 2015

Knitting and Stitching show at the RDS, Dublin today

 I've just realised how much I've missed all my crafty friends! We went to the Knitting and Stitching show at the RDS in Dublin for a couple of hours today and it was the first time in ages that I've been able to have a walk round the show to look at everything as I'm usually demonstrating. I did enjoy that but a little part of me would really rather have been on the other side again. It was lovely for David and me to catch up with Mark (above) again. Mark and Mel have been very thoughtful and kept in touch really well over the last few months and I do appreciate that very much :)

The show was really busy and it felt like everyone in the aisles had at least 4 elbows :(
Looking on from a safe distance I was struck again by just how hard all the exhibitors work during the show. I was also thinking on the way home about the amount of hours spent making all the display items  - there must have literally been years' worth of work from one end of the show to the other if it was all added up!

 Kay - who showed me some of her beautiful embroidery while promoting the Dublin Embroiderers Guild.

 Kate - who was very  busy with a workshop full of eager ladies. Sorry, Kate, it's not a great photo but you do look very happy at your work!

 Claire Woolsey (Textile Artist) - we'd never met until today but what a lovely young lady.

 Felicia and Betty - the very busy Betty!

 Lovely to see Carol again :)

I was absolutrey fascinated by the craftmanship in this fish counter display - all the fish and accessories were stitched, knitted and sequined!


  1. So glad you got to visit the RDS - my friend and I went yesterday.....busy mid morning and then it got easier to traverse the aisles.
    Got my fix of double sided tape from the boys at Crafty Devils and a little freebie from Mark when I asked them to give Declan my see my X-Cut X-press (2nd one!) also gave up and I was offered a Spellbinders Platinum paying the difference. They are not selling x-Press any more!
    One Sat I had just got a lantern die through the post from Papertrey in the U.S. So you know one likes to run it through to check it out. The machine just stopped as the die was going through.....hmmm....what to CD's....sorry we can't help you...rang DoCrafts and they couldn't either....machines made in China.
    They did offer me a replacement which was very good of them and they'd re-imburse me the postage....even DH spent hours and hours taking the machine apart screw by screw and finally we got the die out...then he painstakingly put it all together again...of course then I was able to pack it up in it's original box for the courier. Whew!! Wasn't wanting to give up on my new die. The cogs on the little wheel were all broken save for one.

    Ruth, I continue to pray for you and trust you will be well enough to return to the demoing and hope to see you in Belfast in March dv.

    Take care and keep the creative juices flowing!!

    Perhaps you better not publish this comment as I don't want to be negative about any company - others have x-cuts working perfectly well. I really do cut a lot of dies, maybe more than others.

    Best wishes and Blessings.

    Joyce in Cookstown.

  2. First time I've missed a show for years, but only just got back from Houston, and spent all my money! My other problem is that my mobility scooter got broken in Houston and I haven't have any time yet (nor money) to get her mended, and I know I wouldn't be able to walk all around the RDS for the day, without her. Perhaps next year I'll be able to go.

  3. Wow the fish display is just AMAZING, love Jane x


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