Wednesday 2 May 2018

How to make a Reverse Canvas Fairy Door Scene

I've used the back of a canvas to create a shadow box type frame for a little fairy door scene and decorated it with flowers and leaves made from Sculpey etc.

You will need:
10 x 8 Canvas
Fairy Door 
Plaid Multi Surface Acrylic Paint
Sculpey 111 -green, pink, red, white, grey
Translucent Liquid Sculpey
Reeves Modeling Paste
hot glue gun
Trimcraft First Edition Alphabet Bunting dies FEDIE158
Trimcraft First Edition Nature dies FEDIE120
Trimcraft First Edition "Let's Celebrate" paper pad
Jewellery Maker Cotton Tassels 61183
Mini Lollipop sticks
Jute twine
white card

How to make it:
 1. Turn the canvas over to use the back.

 2. Use a spatula to apply the modeling paste to the back of the canvas and cover completely. Leave to dry.

 3. Paint the canvas and fairy door with a couple of shades of brown and cream acrylic paint, creating streaks and leave to dry. Attach the door to the frame with a hot glue gun.

 4. Use the leaf cutter from the Nature set with green Sculpey to make tiny leaves. Score veins and attach around the door with Liquid Sculpey.

 5. Use the leaf cutter from the Holiday cutter set to make longer leaves and attach to  the bottom left and top right of the frame with Liquid Sculpey

 6. Mix some lighter green Sculpey and make some leaves with the leaf cutter from the Nature set . Attach in the same way as before..

 7. Use the flower cutter with pink Sculpey to make little flower heads and attach with Liquid Scupley. Add detail with a fine modelling tool. Add some tiny balls of white Sculpey between the pink flowers.

8. Roll out a length of grey Sculpey and glue in below the door. Create markings to resemble pavers and roll up some little balls to resemble stones.

9. Make tiny roses from rolled up balls of red Sculpey and glue to the leaves at the top and bottom corners of the frame.
Bake in the oven according to the instructions on the packet - in a well ventilated area

10. Die cut 5 bunting shapes from the Let's Celebrate paper and attach mini tassels. Glue to the frame.

11. Glue a little die cut heart to the door. Fussy cut a butterfly and bee from the Wanderlust paper pad and glue to the door and leaves.

 12, Cut a mini lollipop stick, glue twine with a hot glue gun and write Welcome. Attach to  the door handle. Use 4 mini lollipop sticks and twine to create a little fence and glue to the bottom right of the frame with a little die cut bird on top.

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  1. I love all your work Ruth, but for me, this is my all time favourite. So beautiful. I'm going to have to have a go myself xx


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