Tuesday 22 May 2018

Folk Art Marbling Paint from Plaid

 I had a lovely delivery from the States yesterday and couldn't wait to try the new paint out! It is Folk Art Marbling Paint from Plaid Crafts and this made me one very happy lady! What I'm showing here is just a first trial of the paints and how they mix and marble together etc but I have some more ideas up my sleeve to try as soon as I finish what I'm supposed to be doing today!....Yes, those ideas do include glitter!
These will be available in Ireland (North and South) very soon :) I'll keep you posted.

 I used a cocktail stick to move the Marbling around a little on these.

 I blew gently onto  the Marbling with a straw to create the pattern on this.

 I moved some of the Marbling around with my finger on this one.

A super range of colours :)

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