Wednesday 9 May 2018

Foam Clay used in different ways

 Have you ever tried creating with Foam Clay? I've been using it to make some things over the last few days and have discovered it's not just for kids! However, it's a fantastic product to keep in mind if you are planning to spend some time with your kids/ grandchildren etc over the holidays as it's not only very easy to use but virtually mess free too :)

I have just pulled off some foam clay of each colour and pressed it onto the wooden heart. To make the flip flops, I let a little piece of blue clay dry for a couple of minutes , then shaped it.

The foam clay sticks cery easiily to any surface and also to itself.

I let a little aqua glitter clay foam dry for a couple of minutes, then cut 5 leaf shapes with a tiny cutter (Sculpey 12 piece mini cutter shapes) and pressed together in the centre.

I made theses leaves with the larger shape cutter from the same set as above.

I used the heart shaped cutter form the Sculpey set to make the flower and added a 10mm Simply Creative silver gem in the centre and 3mm pearls around it.

The crackled background was a happy accident - I initially started to cover the bird house with red foam clay and then decided against it. I scraped it off again but a little was left behind. When I painted the white over it, the crackle effect was the result! The roof tiles are made with Silk Clay.

I covered diecuts with small pieces of Foam Clay.

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