Saturday 5 May 2018

HOME - Plaid Glitter Paint and Sculpey shells tutorial

I've been doing some home decor projects using the gorgeous Glitter paint from Plaid again and in today's project I've combined 3 different colours and stippled them to get a seaside type effect.

You will need:
Paper Mache HOME letters
Plaid Folk Art Extreme Glitter Paint - Aqua, Turquoise and Emerald
Sculpey 111 - white and scraps from any colours
jute twine
Trimcraft First Edition Nautical dies FEDIE236
white card
Simply Creative pearls 3mm and 6mm
Dovecraft Crafters Glue
brown paint /ink to colour shells

Hot glue gun
stencil brush
die cutting machine
Plaid Folk Art Multi Surface paint - blue (for back of letters)
shells ( to make mould)

How to make it:

1. Use a stencil brush to randomly stipple the 3 different colours of glitter paint onto the letters until they are well covered. Paint the back of the letters with the blue acrylic paint.

 2. Make a ball of scrap Sculpey, large enough to be able to fit around a shell.. Press the shell firmly into  the centre of the ball, then gently remove to leave the mould shape. Bake according to the instructions on the packet.

 3. Condition a ball of white Sculpey by rolling it in your hands until it is soft. Dust the mould with talcum powder or cornflour and then press the conditioned Sculpey into the mould. 

4. Gently remove and bake according to the instructions on the packet

5. You can vary the sizes of the Sculpey shells using the same mould by using varying amounts of Sculpey in the mould. I have used two different shapes of shells.

6.  Use paint or ink to stipple the pattern onto the shells

7. Die cut the Nautical themed dies from white card and glue to the letters. Attach the twine and Sculpey shells with a hot glue gun and add pearls.


  1. Looks great, thanks for sharing the tutorial

  2. Fabulous work, but I'm so lazy I'd have to use real shells!😉 Love the colours. 😍


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