Saturday 30 July 2016

Ulster Transport Museum

We had an impromptu visit to the Ulster Transport Museum yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I haven't been there since I went on school trips with the boys when they were both at Primary school and David and I hadn't been there together for about 20 years! Needless to say it was David's idea but I was happy to see him "in the zone".

I don't understand why this is in a museum - I used this bus ! lol

...and when I saw this I could immediately remember the noise it made coming up the street late at night!

Our neighbours had one of these :)

This was a very interesting part of the display for David as he remembered Davy Jones driving around Lisburn in this actual car many years ago!

The next photo is of particular significance to our family as my dad, mum and older brother sailed to Brazil on board the Andes in 1949!
 This part of the exhibition seems to be very new as there was still packaging around the display case.

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  1. They are lovely photos and delighted that you had a good time


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