Monday 16 February 2015

Bangor, Co. Down

 Once again I've been reminded of how thankful we should be to live in such a beautiful country with scenery like this just minutes from our door. (I've also been reminded at how lacking my photography skills are - but I know lots of you love to see these "quick snaps" of places on your doorstep.)
Just a couple of hours on a misty February afternoon in Bangor, Co. Down was enough to recharge the batteries again :)

 ...and this one made me laugh! Who remembers "The Bangor Boat's Away!" from their childhood?
Well, don't believe it! It's right here!

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  1. Lovely pics Ruth, it makes me think I really should drive half an hour and go visit some of my coast (west of Ireland). Perhaps not quite so picturesque, but uplifting all the same.


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