Sunday 8 September 2013

Yesterday's demo at Paperworks, Dungannon

A big thanks to all who came to Paperworks, Linen Green, Dungannon for my demo yesterday. I was delighted to see how many turned up - old friends and new! There was a great mix of people ranging from a gorgeous 9 week old baby boy to a great grandmother (not related!) with both ladies and gentlemen getting involved. And, of course, the inevitable happened - I remembered to bring out my camera when everyone had left :(...I was so engrossed in what I was doing (and enjoying every minute of it) that I almost missed lunch too but I must say that all of you who came certainly made my day - thank you so much!!
A big thanks to Heather who reminded me when to stop for a breath and when to have lunch (albeit a little late!) and not least to Mary who made me tea and kept me up to date with all her craic!
The Verso dies, crackers, Punch and Stamps etc all went down a treat so I hope all who bought them get plenty of hours of enjoyment from them.

Here are just a few of the samples from yesterday.


  1. Lovely set of cards Ruth, love the blue and brown one, xxx

  2. Stunning cards, Ruth. Looks like you had fantastic demo day. It's great to hear it!
    Eret x

  3. Where can I get the basket of poinsettas please Ruth?

    1. Hi Lesley....It's "poinsettia basket" from the Woodware collection. I got it from Paperworks, Dungannon. Hope that helps.


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