Saturday 28 September 2013

Back from Dublin

Twelve hours later and I'm back home again! The demos at Inspiring Ideas, Blanchardstown, Dublin went really well and I enjoyed every minute! I can't thank you all enough for the fantastic welcome I got :)
Inspiring Ideas is a really beautiful shop and I'll have to pay a visit when I'm not working so I can have a proper look around.
These are just a few of the lovely ladies who made it such a pleasure....Margaret, Pam, Maria, Mary, Kay and Bernadette...along with so many others who were there during the day.
Alma took some photos with her camera when it was busier - because you must know by now that I always get carried away and forget :(....I'll add some of Alma's photos when I get them next week.

Maria - thanks so much for everything - I'm enjoying the lovely big bar of chocolate now with a cup of tea :)
Hope to see you in Belfast in November.

Alma - those pics had better be good!!

Paul - who kept me fed and watered - thanks for the lovely lunch!

Alma and Alma!! :)

All over - sorry about the mess on the carpet :(

Here's just one of the sample cards for the demo - the Verso dies went down a treat.
I had such a lovely time because I met some ladies who had been "cyber" friends for a long time and now I have had the chance to actually meet up. It was so lovely to see Loretta (albeit briefly) , Margaret and Margaret Coyle with others.
I'll try to remember to upload some photos of all of the different types of cards we made with the Verso dies during the week. Right now, though, I'm off to steep in a big bubble bath :)

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  1. Ruth just bought some tonic dies at the Westpoint Show in Exeter can't wait to get creating with them. Glad your demo went well and that you had a good time. Love Alison xx


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