Monday 16 September 2013

Event City Pics

Mark and Mel getting ready for a busy day...

with Anne and her cousin

with Jenny Redfern

with Tracy

Michael from Every Crafts a Pound :)

Michael and Adie

with Debbie and her daughter

Had a great time and met so many lovely people. It was great, too, to meet up with some Docrafters!

Because the show was busy it was hard to get decent photos to show how it was going - when there were lots of folk around I couldn't take time to get photos so these are just a few I grabbed here and there over the 3 days.

Thanks Mark and Mel for having David and me - we really enjoyed ourselves.
Thanks, too to Michael and Adie from Every Crafts a Pound for being such good "craic" - and almost making me choke on my food! 
......I still think it was Michael's hair straighteners that were the reason we were all evacuated from the hotel at 1.30 am on Saturday........;)


  1. Looks as though it was ultra busy Ruth but a good time was had by all. Loved the array of stash there too! Great pic BTW.

  2. Looks mega busy, great time though. xxx

  3. Great photos Ruth and looks like David is being roped in to help. Sorry missed seeing you last week but we saw the signs to where you live on our way out of Belfast to Larne. Could have have almost dropped in for a

    Christine lee

  4. Brilliant pictures Ruth will you be at Exeter at the end of this month. Love Alison xx


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