Saturday 3 September 2022

Simply Shoe Box and Fancy Floral Frames #affiliate

Do you love shoes, or know someone else who does? This fab die set has all the components to make a pair of shoes and also the box!! These are my affiliate links to the die set UK - USA - There are 48 dies in the set and they can be used for 3D shoes, gift box etc but I had so much fun with this one! I made shoe shaped place name cards, bookmark, gift tag as well as had a shot at customising the shoes by creating "peep toes", "flatties", acrylic, faux leather etc. I think you'll really enjoy this set!

At the beginning of the video, I mention another die set - Fancy Floral Frames - but I decided to reserve it for my next video as this one was already becoming too long :) However, this set was created to complement the Shoe Box die set and includes 9 beautiful dies which can also be used to make cards, decorate scrapbook pages etc.
These are my affiliate links to the Fancy Floral Frames die set
Check it out in my next video here -

Faux leather flatties

Place name for wedding/party


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