Monday 5 September 2022

Making Ice Bowls (video)


I love ice bowls!! They are so easy to make and look so pretty. I also love flowers and fruit so I really do enjoy the whole process of picking the flowers or preparing the fruit and making the bowls. It doesn't take very long and if you keep them in a cool shaded place when you're using them and pop them back into the freezer when you've served the fruit salad/ice cream, you'll be able to re freeze and re use.

You can see my video here -

I've used summer flowers and fruit for these but you can also use Christmas foliage and berries for a festive bowl.
I usually don't place the ice cream or fruit directly into the ice bowl but instead pop it into a smaller glass bowl which I place in the ice bowl. This is simply because I like to re use the bowl but if you only want it for a single use you can skip this :)
I hope you enjoy this :)
Please let me know if you've ever made one or if you think you will:)
Thanks so much for watching :)

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