Saturday 1 August 2015

A big thanks!

 Thanks so much to everyone who sent me beautiful cards and flowers. .my postman must have a sore back by now! And thanks to everyone who has sent me messages, texts and emails. 

I had my operation on Tuesday and am now back home. I have so much to thank God for. Everyone in hospital looked after me so well. I couldn't praise the staff of Antrim hospital highly enough. I'll be seeing plenty more of them so I'm thankful for how much effort each one put into making me feel at ease. 

Now that I'm home David is looking after me like a princess. .he's the best! !
I've been sleeping lots but no doubt will come back to life in a day or two. 
In the meantime. .thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. I feel blessed x


  1. Hi Ruth,Glad to hear you are home and that you are being spoiled.
    What gorgeous flowers,take things easy now and lap up that spoiling!
    Hugs,Nessa xxx

  2. So glad that you are back home, safe and sound. Nothing like your own bed when recovering. Beautfiul flowers too.


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